Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Disneyland Paris - Day 4 (Our final day and the journey home)

Monday was our last day in Disney.  The kids were incredibly sad to be leaving as were Josh and I (especially since the sun was FINALLY shining).  We had such a great time the last few days - no arguing, very little whining, just a good time had by all.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle looks so much nicer in the sun!  Still not as spectacular as Cinderella's but a big improvement with a little blue sky in the background!

Random pics of the park in the SUN!

We had decided that we would take one last ride on Buzz Lightyear before heading off to the airport.  In the hopes that we could get into the park early, we were out the door just after 9.  We figured that on Sunday they just scanned our card and we got in early because we were with a hotel on site.  Worst case they would make us wait til the gates opened at 10.  Well, luckily we got in early and headed right to Buzz Lightyear - and there was still a 20 minute wait!!  I still think something was wrong with my laser blaster because I only got 2000 points to Josh's 150,000 or so and even Liam scored 1000 points.  I think Aidan was somewhere around 7000.  Yup, something was wrong with mine - my aim can't possibly be that bad, right??? 

Aidan being the shopper that he is (he's definitely my child in that way) wanted to check out the shops on the way out so we stopped in the Disney Village at the giant Disney store.  I convinced him to skip the Princess and the Frog set since all he really wanted was the alligator and isn't so into princesses these days... I think he's finally starting to grasp that I won't buy him an entire set of something for just one guy.  He told me the same thing about a Buzz Lightyear set - "We have all the guys except Zurg on this one Mommy, so that means we can't get it"... yes, finally sinking in.  However, we have a new addiction thanks to Aby ;)  - pin collecting. 

We were on a mission for some cool pins to collect on Aidan's new lanyard.  Thankfully I bought these when Josh was outside each time with Liam, because if Josh had seen how much they were each he might have put the kabosh on this collecting thing.  I think he collected around 8 or so pins and is excited to show Aby his new collection though is concerned she'll want to trade (which is part of the point of collecting them).  I'll take a picture eventually but right now he won't let me. 

Off to the hotel to grab our bags from the consierge and make our way to the VEA shuttle.  We made it to the airport unscathed which was good.  I could tell the kids were coming down from their Disney high but they did a great job.  We arrived at the airport just 2 hrs before our flight, not too bad.  EXCEPT that there was a long line at the EasyJet counter that we sat in for over 1/2 hr.  The kids hadn't had lunch yet.  We got to the front of the line and yup, once again we had to go to another counter (that was hidden off to the side or else we would have started there) to pay for the luggage and then go back.  Because there was a huge line at the security and we had less than 40 mins before boarding the plane, we decided against lunch (which would have been another fabulous meal from McDonalds anyways) and went with the vending machine lunch - yes, we are fantastic parents aren't we??? 

The plane ride was good - nothing exciting.  The kids watched a movie and the tailwinds were in our favor and we arrived 20 mins ahead of schedule with a very quick flight time of less than an hour and a half!!  The meltdowns started once we landed but we made it home!!  And really it wasn't so bad.  They were tired and hungry and who can blame them.  We got home, unpacked and grabbed a pizza for dinner.  Liam wasn't super interested in it and eventually we'll find out why.

Finally the time came for baths and bed - whew!!!  While a super fun weekend, it was exhausting and we were looking forward to a low key evening of just sitting on the couch doing well, nothing... I got Liam into bed and while Josh took care of Aidan's shower, I heard some screaming.  Yup, it was Liam ... puking.  He managed 3 different locations before I got him back into the shower.  The bed, the hall and the bathroom.  It still smells slightly of curdled milk.  Nice huh?  Great way to end the weekend but I think it was a sign of a good time had by someone in particular...perhaps too good of a time!  We're now working on getting back into a schedule with some healthy food added to his diet unlike in Disney - no naps and a lot of crap to eat.  Today, Tuesday, he seems much improved.

Both kids have said they already miss Disney and that makes me so happy to know they had a great time!  Aidan is already planning our next vacation he says - this time to the WB Parc in Madrid.  He's dying to see Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck!  We shall see...


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