Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barcelona Bike Show

This weekend the Barcelona Bike Show was in town.  This city very clearly embraces the biking community.  Aside from bike lanes everywhere, there is also a program called Bicing that allows you to use a prepaid card and take a bike from any Bicing stand.  You get that bike for up to 3 hrs and then can return it to any stand by where you end up.  We brought our bikes with us since we have the ability to store them but I think it's a great program for those that don't have the space to store a bike or just want them for occassional use. 

Anyways, Barcelona loves its bikers.  And this show was a celebration of the biking business.  From racing bikes to BMX to fold up and recumbent and for the old and for the young, there was something for everyone.  There were areas for both of our kids to enjoy riding their bikes or if they wanted, to borrow some from the show.  The place was absolutely jammed!! 

Aidan loved the areas where he could go up and down various ramps.  He was a little apprehensive at first but once he got into it, the team members watching the kids didn't need to help him at all. 

Liam only got to ride his motorcycle.  We stood in line to go on a tandem side by side bike but he lost interest.  He was much happier in a jumparoo and I don't blame him.  He's still a little bit too little for this stuff.  He did enjoy watching the bike stunts though - both on huge ramps as well as on the dirt track. 

Aidan has already asked when the next Bike show will be... I think we know where you can find us next May!


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