Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sitges in the summertime!

Josh's parents arrived on Friday and while we didn't get to spend much time with them that day, we looked forward to a fun filled day with them on Saturday with a much anticipated trip to Sitges.  If you recall, Josh and I went to Sitges, a small town about 1/2 hr by train outside Barcelona, back in March for his birthday.  If you follow the news, you'll also know that this is where the Bilderberg Group had their recent "top secret" meeting to discuss the world's financial crisis.  The last time we were here, it was cold and gray, typical of March weather I would expect.  So it was so wonderful to arrive here, amongst many other people who had the same idea as us to get out of the city, and see how bright and alive this town is!

The beaches, while beaches were nicer than barcelona and castelledefels, but much smaller.  They weren't as wavy either which was nice with the kids.  We all enjoyed lunch, Italian style :)  Poor Paul & Roisin came all this way and we feed them Italian! 

After lunch it was off to the beach!  I've noticed Aidan becoming more courageous about the water these days.  Surprising that it took so long given he's been on the water his whole life.  Same with Liam - he normally barely goes in beyond his shins and he was going in almost up to his neck (with someone of course!).  They loved riding the waves and spending time with their Granny & Papa!!  I wish I had more pictures but it was a new camera and I did something wrong with the SD card and so it wouldn't take many pics - thankfully I've fixed that!!   This is definitely a place we'll go back to over and over again in the future!!

Aidan & Auntie Michelle at the beach in Sitges

The boys and Papa make a dribble castle!

Liam hitches a ride on Papa's back to the shore!

That night Michelle and I headed out on the town. with plans to spend a chunk of it down by the water.  The best laid plans never happen but we had a great time.  We started off with some martinis down at Hard Rock (there aren't many places that do a good martini here that I have found) however ended up getting sidetracked there.  We did eventually make it to the beach and I took Michelle to the Ice Bar which she loved ... I have a feeling we'll be going there again before her 3 weeks here are up!


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