Saturday, July 31, 2010

Final days in L'Estartit

While we had grandiose plans for taking lots of day trips when we arrived in Costa Brava, it being the first time we've rented a car as a family since we arrived in Spain, we didn't end up going anywhere beyond that one trip to France.  And you know what, it was so relaxing to just sit around and not do much of anything.  I think overall it made the trip even better.  Naps, reading, dvds, walking around town, going to the beach - just total relaxation. 

One of several hang gliders we saw this week - 2 of which flew right over our apartment!

One of the best parts of the trip was that Aidan learned to snorkel.  Four days in a row he dragged (well not really dragging because Josh loves the water) Josh down to the beach to go snorkeling.  They had the absolute best time looking for fish and any other sea creatures they could find!  I love seeing Aidan's love for the water - and I think Josh does too! 

Liam, too, has become more confident in the water and at one point, he actually waded in up to his chest.  Something I haven't seen him do often.  I find it interesting, his ambivilence about the water considering that he has literally grown up on the water.  He was boating at 2 weeks old and has been on or in the water at least once a week when the weather is warm since he was just a baby.  But I'm thrilled to see that he's starting to take some chances and "swim" in the water.  His version of swimming is kicking his feet but pulling himself along the sea's bottom with his hands.  It's a start!

In the end we had a fabulous time in this stunning beach town and we will absolutely go back again!!


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