Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Granny & Papa Visit!

One of the things I have missed the most about being here in Barcelona is our friends and family.  I know this is probably an obvious answer, however, for me, they are an integral part of my everyday life, not to mention the lives of my kids.  And so nothing could make me happier than to have visitors for the first time since arriving more than 6 months ago.  First Michelle arrived and then a few days later, we had the pleasure of Josh's parents visiting us!!  It was so nice having family here and the kids absolutely loved having some quality time visiting with their Granny and Papa.  It was a big relief that after 6 months of not seeing them that the boys didn't miss a beat and were super excited about seeing them.  I had been most concerned about Liam since he is so young.  Just goes to show that I probably worried about that for nothing. 

When we found out they were coming straight from the airport to our apartment, Aidan ran into the building hallway to wait for their arrival. Big hugs and kisses all around!  It was like we had never left home and such a great feeling to have that connection with family face to face again.  While the phone and skype are great, there is nothing like seeing people to make you feel good!

We really didn't see much of them the first day since they had jetlag to contend with but day 2 we got to spend the day in Sitges.  It was great showing them around the town since it's one of our favorites!  There's another blog entry with the day in Sitges along with pictures. 

Josh took a few days off so he could spend time with his family and the kids.  Most of those days were spent at the hotel pool which the kids loved!!  And Papa, you'll be pleased to know that Aidan is legitimately swimming now.  We took him to the Olympic pool yesterday and he jumped off the diving board into 15 feet of water and swam like a fish!  I'm sure that we owe a bit of that to the time you spent with him in the pool! 

Granny and her boys

Swimming at the hotel pool (Aidan could touch but it game him uuber confidence!)

Papa drop me in the water!


Liam, although he loves the ocean, still not a big pool fan...

Still ambivilant even with Auntie Michelle!

Getting some loves!

After a day in the pool we would often have dinner at our house where we woudl just relax in the back patio and enjoy some great conversation (and food).  Though we did go out for some fabulous meals as well! 

The boys were both thrilled to have their grandparents in town and to show them their new home.  After leaving the boys kept asking when they would see Granny and Papa again.  Thankfully we'll be home next month and will be sure to visit, but it was hard to say goodbye of course, even though we know it's only for a few weeks.  More pictures and specifics to follow!!


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