Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liam's Favorite Place - Tibidabo

Liam loves to say Tibidabo.  He could say it all day and each time he says it, you can't help but smile.  It just sounds so cute coming from his mouth.  I honestly don't think he cares all that much about the amusement park one way or another, but he loves the way it sounds.  For those that haven't read my prior post on Tibidabo, it is an amusement park that is located at the top of Tibidabo Mountain and the church upon the mountain can be seen from pretty much everywhere in the city of Barcelona.  The park itself has some decent rides - a rollercoaster, flume ride and some other big thrill stuff along with a nice mix for the younger (or less courageous in my case) set.  It's set on the very edge of the mountain so the views from the park are stunning!

Because it's his "favorite" place, we took Granny, Papa and Michelle up there during our stay.  Everyone had such a great time and Liam finally was able to work the bumper car on his own - a big accomplishment for him!  Aidan did the flume no less than 3 times.  And Josh and Michelle went on the roller coaster since I get nauseous on the kiddie rides.  And since I'm not a big fan of the rides, it also gave me a chance to catch up with Roisin whom I hadn't had a lot of one on one time with since her arrival.  The day was absolutely fabulous and we look forward to going again when the Walkers come to visit!

Taking the tram up to the funicular to get to Tibidabo

Heading up the mountain to the top of Tibidabo!

View as we climb up to the top of the mountain

Church at the top of Tibidabo

Liam shows Papa where the bumper cars are!

Liam on the Viking Ship ride - his other Papa would definitely like this!  The ride made me slightly nauseous...

Aidan, the daredevil... yes, this was a smaller and less scary version of the "real" thing, but the kid looked truly bored on it.  If it's not a roller coaster or big thrill ride, he's not interested!

Yum, ice cream!

Waiting to go on the pirate ship ride (they rode at least 2x and both felt rather sick after that!).

Papa and Liam watching Josh and Aidan on the pirate ship!

Arms in the air like you just don't care!

Josh, Spanish style...

The long walk back up the hill for more rides!

Liam takes Papa on the Viking ride this time!


Tibidabo playground

Help me, Papa!

The funny thing is the guy came over to make sure Paul was buckled in ok, but never actually checked the boys and Aidan almost fell out when it started moving!

Um, sorry Granny, I just don't think so... (Liam is not a huge fan of slides)
Yum, cotton candy!

Enjoying the last of the cotton candy which went amazingly fast!

Tram ride back to the bottom of the mountain

Brotherly love - why can't it always be this way?


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