Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sad Goodbyes... Sailor Moon (Nov 29, 2001 - July 31, 2010)

Our vacation in Costa Brava was amazing, however, sadly we were contacted by a vet on Thursday to say that they had our sweet girl, Sailor, in their clinic (our kennel had brought here there out of concern) and that she wasn't doing very well.  I can't say we were totally surprised by this call since she had been in deteriorating health in the last few months, but saddened none the less.  The vet diagnosed her with chronic megaesophogeal disease complicated with pneumonia (our vet had misdiagnosed her with a trachea infection).  Today, Saturday, July 31st, we said goodbye to our Sailor Moon.

Josh and Sailor - the day we brought her home

Julie & Sailor on the day we brought her home

Hiding from the kids

Her favorite place to lay - on the couch... normally Jake would have gotten annoyed at having his "sister" so close but apparently he was tolerating her here!

Sailor has always been a "unique" personality for those that didn't have the luxury of knowing her.  We don't know if this is from the attack she suffered at the hands of another dog at 7 weeks old or if it's just who she was, regardless she was loved.  She had these idiosyncracies that made Sailor who she was.  Whether it was circling 50 times before going up the stairs in Attleboro or the little prancy bunny hop that she would do when she was excited.  The princessey look she would give you if it was raining out and you wanted her to go outside, like "I'm sorry, you want me to go out there?".  She loved to lick ears, especially Josh's whom she adored.  She loved Jake and if he ever left somewhere without her for more than a few minutes she would rush over to him excited to see him. She was also a lover of the beach and while she wasn't the most fantastic swimmer, the ocean was something that could get her excited any day!  On the flip side, she was also anxious all the time - a little OCD if you must.  She didn't like it if things were in certain places that she was accustomed to.  And while she did surprisingly well adjusting to life in Spain, she also wouldn't leave the living room other than to go outside (which is right next to the living room).  She had personality - spunk if you will.  And we will always hold a special place for her in our hearts. 

With Jake at the Knob in Falmouth (also my background on my computer instead of my kids)

Backyard circa 2002/2003 timeframe

Same day as above - pretty girl!

She was anything but an angel... up til now I suppose

Chilling out in her other favorite spot - her bed!

The beach!!  Often we'd hold Jake back to give her a chance to get the ball...

More of Mashnee beach - her favorite place

Going for her first walk in Spain... a worldly dog!

Sailor Moon, you were the world to us.  In your 8 1/2 years you had been thru so much and survived thru so much - showing just how strong you really were despite the odds.  Attack at 7 weeks, ACL surgery at 2, being lost for a week on the cape at 3, hip surgery at 4 with chronic hip dysplasia diagnosis and finally a move to Spain at 8 - that is a lot for one little dog to go thru.  Our lives are fuller because you were a part of them and our home, no matter where it may be, will never be the same without you here with us.  Your presence is already missed.  I hope you are in a better place and no longer in any pain.  Know that we miss you Sailor, with all our hearts.

Love, Julie, Josh, Aidan, Liam & Jake

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  1. She looked very nice... goodbye from Italy too, Sailor, even if I don't know any of you nor I have ever read this blog before.