Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3rd Time's the Charm, Isn't It??

People always say that things come in threes... good luck, bad luck, doesn't matter.  Well, apparently for me, that is how it goes for robberies.  I wasn't planning on putting this blog entry up but the whole point of keeping this blog is to not only keep my "audience" up to date, but also to keep a record for myself, Josh and the kids about our adventures here in Barcelona.  So bear with this not so happy entry...

Last Thursday, once again, I got robbed.  Now I'm sure when I say robbed a man at gunpoint comes to mind.  NO, so not the case.  We're talking a pickpocket, non violent, non confrontational.  And this is my third time in 10 months that it has happened.  A few months back my wallet was stolen right out of my zippered pocketbook on the metro.  In August the day before we were leaving to come home to the States, my stroller was stolen from the entry of my locked apartment building.  And on Thursday, the brand new iphone that I'd had for less than 3 weeks.  Yes, that iphone - the one I waiting for over a month for.

So we'll keep this entry short - I was pissed, beyond pissed.  A few not so pleasant words may have escaped my mouth once I realized what had happened.  However, thanks to some great new friends, the day was salvaged and we cancelled my "old" phone so that the robber couldn't use it (still hoping this is the case as I don't totally trust Vodafone on this one) and I went out to the outskirts of the city to then purchase (full price mind you - whereas my "old" one cost me 29 euros with a contract) a new iphone.  However a week later I still can't get my new one to work (my mission yet again today as it has been for the last several days).  So it just adds insult to injury that not only did this guy get my very nice, very expensive phone, but he has now inconvenienced me considerably.

Lesson learned... when you've been robbed twice, you need to realize you CANNOT put anything in your pocket during rush hour on the metro.  How stupid of me, I know.  And I know better which makes this very costly mistake all the more frustrating.  Just goes to show when you think you've become more city saavy, someone kicks you in the ass and tells you that you can never really be city saavy enough.  You can bet this new phone will never ever leave my sight (once I get it to work that is). 

My hope going forward - that I've paid my dues to Barcelona and that most people get robbed here at least once.  I know very few people that have not been pickpocketed here.  Now that it's happened to me three times, I'm hoping we can move forward to much happier things!!!


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