Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños - Happy 4th Birthday Liam!!

I still find it weird that we're going on our second round of birthdays here in Spain.  I guess it makes it official that we've been here for over a year in that case.  Stranger still is that when we move back home, Liam will actually have lived in Barcelona longer than he will have lived in the States.  And his birthday just reminds me of that.

Liam was super excited about his birthday this year.  He knew that it was on May 2nd, but of course had no idea when May 2nd was.  He also knew he was turning 4.  Of course since then whenever I tell him he is 4, he replies that he was 4 only on May 2nd.  So I'm guessing that means he's still 3????  I love all the new things he's learned this year and see him turning from a toddler into an adorable little boy who has a lot to say to us!! 

His request for his birthday?  Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting... and a basket ball "hula" hoop (in other words a basketball hoop).  I'm pleased to say he got both as well as cupcakes in his class which also made him very happy!!

We're keeping things low key this year so there won't be a birthday party, just a little celebration with our little family and we make take the boys to Port Aventure (like Six Flags).  Aidan's birthday is only a week after Liam's so we'll do something just us and perhaps celebrate when we come home in a few weeks (yes only a few weeks away!).

Here are some pics of his big day!

Liam actually got his basketball "hula" hoop on Sunday since we knew he'd want to play with it right away!

Long shot!

Morning of Liam's birthday - he gets to open one present before school.  Aidan is NOT thrilled that it's not his birthday (his is only a week after Liam's).

Birthday hat that he got in school and a picture of him in school when I dropped off the cupcakes

The sad little cake I made - a baker, I am not... but I tried!

Opening his first gift - a smurf...not super excited

Ahhhh but this is a skateboard - woo hoo!

Aidan "helped" Liam a lot even though Liam is perfectly capable of doing it on his own now.

Scooby Doo toys and a spongbob flashlight... he's been dying for his own flashlight and even better, this one shows a picture of Spongebob and friends on the wall when you use it.

Trying out his new skateboard.

Me presenting the cake to Liam - must say, not looking my best... and yes, we still have our xmas cards up - they are a nice reminder of home!

Blow out the candle and make a wish!!!


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