Friday, June 10, 2011

BFIS Young Authors Fair

This morning was Young Authors Day at the boys' school for nursery thru Grade 5.  The teachers had books on display that the children had made during the course of the year.  I didn't go last year thinking it wasn't a big deal and now I feel terrible that I didn't do it because in fact, most parents go and it is a big deal to the kids to present their books to their families. 

I started off with Liam's class and was thrilled to see a number of "books" that he had made.  There was a book from his Spanish class, a book about a Monster as well as a journal he worked on over the course of the year.

Each child in Liam's class made 4 books

Liam and his friend Henry

My favorite book of Liam's

The kids narrate the story to the teacher

The good guy always wins, right?

Another Liam book

Liam showing his book that he did in Spanish clas

Liam and his teacher Ms. Tere

After Liam's class I headed over to Aidan's where they were actually presenting the parents with the books.  Not all the parents were there so I looked at his friend Arielle's books with him.  He had journals and math/writing books and other books.  I loved seeing the work from September thru present day and can see all the progress he's made.  Unbelievable the things they learn in just one year!!

Ms Erika explaining to the kids how to present their books

All smiles!

Aidan and Arielle

Aidan also had his end of school year party this week and the teachers / class made a DVD.  I want to upload that when we actually get the DVD (next week) so keep an eye out for an entry for his party.  A few tears were shed for sure as the DVD was so cute!!


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