Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Not a Party Unless....

Someone loses their undewear!!!!!!

Ok, that might have been the old definition of a good party... and I'll admit those are Aidan's (who is less likely to follow in his father's underwear losing habit than his brother likely will) who lost them while crossing the street to go to the pool at the Anastasia's house.  But it made for a good opening line.

I had planned on writing at least one blog entry in between now and the party we hosted over the weekend but I've been in moving and visiting chaos to say the least.  I have so many wonderful friends and family who have been helping me out with not only moving my belongings but watching my kids so that I can move said belongings to my garage to go out to the POD.  But with that chaos comes very little sleep, a racing mind and heart and stress... lots of stress.  Stress with work, stress to see everyone as much as possible and stress to get this move out of the way so I can move on with my life.  And yes, I thought this move was going to be much simpler than it has turned out to be.  Again, I thank all those who have been involved in this process for your patience with me and our stuff... if I were all of you I'd be saying good riddance to those Marcus' who come to visit and then require constant babysitting and moving assistance - we are a pain and we love you for everything you've all done to help us!!!!  I promise it's almost done!

But I digress - this entry was supposed to be about our party.  In order to see everyone humanly possible in such a short period of time I decided a few months ago that it would be a good idea to host a potluck/open house while we are home.  However, I did not anticipate getting violently ill the two days before the party.  And by ill I mean constantly vomiting, can't move from the bed, children fend for yourselves (meaning scream if someone is dying) kind of ill.  My stomach still hasn't fully recovered and it's Tuesday as I write this.  But I was determined to host this open house so I could see everyone, especially knowing that several people were driving significant distances to see us - there was no way I could disappoint!!  Not to mention I really wanted to see everyone too!!!!

And I'm so glad we moved forward with it.  At least 50 people were here, many of them with children I've never even met, whether due to distance or to the fact that they'd been born in the time we'd been in Barcelona.  So it was beyond a joy and pleasure to see everyone.  The kids all go along amazingly, whether they were kids that some had never met or the oldest of friends - no kid sat alone.  I purchased squirt guns that morning and since it was well over 80, they were a hit.  We had kids running and screaming soaking wet all over the yard.  It was an absolutely perfect day!! 

I've got lots of photos to follow - I'm leaving out most names as there are lots of kids and I'm not sure all the parents want their kids names posted on the internet, but if you are my friend, chances are you know who they all are anyways!

I love this one of my mom and Aidan!

Shirts versus skins

At the end of the day, the party did not end.  We headed over to the Anastasia's across the street for a late evening swim and hot tub.  Liam finally made the move into the water, albeit it was the hot tub, but we're making progress given that he barely will even put his toes to the edge of a pool.  And yes, he left kicking and screaming as he probably could have stayed there the entire night. 

Liam finally getting in the hot tub with Aidan giving him a hand

And now he may never leave!

All in all, it was a perfect day, we got to see so many wonderful people in our lives (of which we talked to for about 30 seconds - next time I promise it will be longer!) and I'm so happy all of you came out to share the day with us.  We'll hopefully see everyone again next year unless you come out to Barcelona to visit us :) 

Now... on with the move...hopefully the final batch is going out tonight and then we can start to truly enjoy this trip!!  Ok, so that I can truly start to enjoy this trip as the kids have been having a blast!


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