Friday, June 24, 2011

Movin' Movin' Movin'

One of the great things about the timing of our vacation is that it is also the time when our new renters want to move in - so I didn't have to make a special trip to clear out our house.  However, one of the bad things about the timing is that I have to move during our vacation.  And as I mentioned in my last entry, it's been a bit of an obsession of mine for the last week trying to get everything ready to move into our POD that arrived on Monday.

Every day I move things.  Up from the basement, out of the bedrooms, up thru the kitchen and out to the garage.  Thankfully much of our furniture was already out in the garage ready to go because the boys in the neighborhood had moved it out in order to redo our hardwood floors.  But there was an entire room in our basement filled to the ceiling with boxes.  For days I have moved the boxes into the garage.  To the point where our 2 car garage was full and there was no more walking space.  Which made me nervous.  Why?  Because my POD is only as big as a one car garage AND I still have furniture in the bedrooms.  How in the world is it all going to fit? 

Thankfully I have the most amazing friends in my neighborhood who offered to spend their boys night helping me to move the furniture and some of the boxes into the POD.  Thank you so much Bill F, Bill W, Dave, Rich and Dennis - you guys rock!!  It was like a big puzzle ... with beer.  There were a few anxious moments here and there, especially when they saw how much needed to be moved and how little space there was.  But Bill W with his headlamp and engineering skills put all the pieces of the puzzle together and coordinated with the guys where everything should go. 

Bill with the headlamp - it just doesn't have the same effect with the camera flash

Bill F starting the bubble wrap fight

Bubble wrap everywhere!

Poor Dennis had to clean it up every time!

Rich contemplating a kick of the giant bubble wrap at Dennis' head...

Man down...

They got about 85% of the garage completed by 1AM this morning and I think we might actually be able to get just about all the things in to the POD with the exception of perhaps a few boxes here and there that might need to go to the attic.  There were a lot of laughs as well and once again I'm reminded of why I miss this place so much!


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