Monday, July 11, 2011

Beaching It

Yesterday we were all so exhausted from our 2 days of travel (and for myself and the kids, that was within 2 days of doing a trans Atlantic flight) we totally just laid back and had a spontaneous day of not doing a whole lot.  It was Sunday and it was strange to me that stores were actually open, unlike in Spain.  Though that could be because it's now July and tourist season is here - I know in BCN a lot of stores in Placa Catalunya are open during this time that aren't open the rest of the year on a Sunday.  Anyways, Kelly and I went in search of food and beverages for everyone - the kids needed fruits and milk and things like that.  So we went in search of breakfast at ohhhh noontime.  Yes, we have been sleeping in.

Church in the center near our apartment

Castello (castle) built in the 1500s to ward off pirates - we swam to the right of it and the kids loved climbing the rocks next to it.

View from near the castle

What we call the octopus square (there is an octopus in the fountain on the left)

Cool rotunda

Walking thru some of the shopping area

In the end we opted after "breakfast" to take the kids to one of the beaches down the street from our apartment. Unlike Barcelona's sandy beaches, these were all pebbles - not my favorite. But the water was crystal clear and there was a cool castle next to where we were swimming. Zach and Aidan enjoyed doing some snorkeling while Haley and Michelle climbed the rocks. 

Haley and Aidan

Liam spent most of his time playing in the rocks

Michelle and Haley out on the rocks - Haley was definitely more agile than Michelle...

In search of hidden treasures


Liam and Zach

Liam insisted on the goggles even though he won't put his face in the water

Aidan out on the rocks - I think the old guy thought I was taking his picture

Goggle boy

My little fish

Playing on some bigger rocks

At the end of the day, we had dinner at a hotel down the road from our apartment. It was a fabulous meal and the kids (who had already been great all day) were not only fantastic, they were hilarious! It was a great way to end the day. 

Heading out to dinner

Michelle and Haley

Zach, Liam and Michelle

Singer at the Hotel Europa where we ate

Kelly, Michele and Michelle - Kelly and Michelle became pretty friendly with the staff after several drinks at their bar the night before.  This was beneficial when we showed up for dinner and asked for a table for 7 without reservations.

All smiles

Hopefully this talent will get him into a good college someday


It's all good now :)

Liam and his buddy Jake (since he had to leave the real Jake behind in Spain)

Liam with Auntie Michelle

What boy doesn't love a cannon?

We arrived back at the apartment in great spirit.  A tickle fight ensued (which the kids have asked for again tonight but we had to explain that a tickle fight can only happen sponteanously) and everyone was off to bed.  However on my end, a few too many espresso martinis meant that not only did I not feel great, but I didn't sleep.  Or perhaps I didn't sleep because Michelle and Kelly went out while I stayed with the kids and no joke, I could hear them a mile away walking up the street at 2:30AM loud as possibly can be.  How we got the preconceived notion of "loud Americans" I have no idea... Perhaps tonight will be better - after all, the kids are already in bed and it's before midnight and there are no espresso martinis to be found...just fizzy red wine (Michelle is not happy about that one).

Next entry... Portofino...back in a bit!


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