Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating the 4th Before Heading Back to BCN

What better way to celebrate being an American than a party on the 4th of July?  While we've really enjoyed European life, we haven't forgotten our roots and how proud we are of our heritage.  It was great that we were able to time our vacation with being home for the 4th and we celebrated with some friends from our neighborhood.

The kids had a great time, swimming all day long (amazed that they didn't pass out early from all that exercise) and playing with all of their friends.  For me it was great to have one last day to catch up with my friends before we headed back to Barcelona on the 5th. 

Aidan helping Papa build an airplan

Aidan and Liam both helping Papa

Dorito monsters

Colin and Deb


Double trouble

Enjoying the pool

Liam getting ready to hit the pool...yes, Liam..

This is the most I've seen Liam in a pool in a LONG time... and yes he felt he needed the goggles too

Goggles and all... stylin isn't he?

Dennis and Tatum

Liam and his BFF, Aaron

Once we got him in we couldn't get him out... of course this is as far as he went, to the side of the ladder

Playing on the swingset

Liam's fave was the hot tub yet again

Liam with the squirtgun - don't worry, Rich got him right back

We ended up staying at the Anastasia's house in the 'hood which was a lot of fun. The kids all had a sleepover which was adorable. Aidan had been asking for a sleepover with Lindsey for years but we didn't know how to tell him that boys and girls don't "normally" do a sleepover til they are much older. 

Lindsey and Aidan playing with her leapster

Lots of laughs!

How cute are they?

Sleeping beauties

When we woke up on the 5th it was with the knowledge that we had a LONG day ahead of us. Breakfast with friends, then back to my parents to finish packing and then waiting, waiting, waiting to go to the airport. Then more waiting at the airport. Luckily all our flights were on time and no one got sick. I will admit to be "slightly" crabby in each airport but I think it was because of all the gear I was carrying that I wish I had somehow managed to pack in our luggage. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 right?

Getting ready for breakfast

Love them!

Breakfast at Hearth n Kettle

Aaron, Liam, Ashley and Linz

BFF's - Nate, Aidan and Lindsey

And again

Time to say goodbye :(

Big hugs

We finally made it back to Barcelona on Wednesday around lunchtime.  My crabbiness increased when my luggage, all of it, fell down the escalator and then the highway was closed due to an accident.  But we made it back safe and sound and it was nice to finally sleep in our own beds, for 2 nights at least.  Tomorrow we are off to France and Italy for yet another trip - yup, we have a nice life.  Crazy but nice.  Once again, no regrets for the decisions we've made, but for sure the trip home was worth it - I miss you all like crazy and I'm so glad I got to see just about everyone at least once!!  See you again next year!


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