Monday, July 11, 2011

Escape to Portofino

Today we decided it was time to truly start our Italian adventure and the first stop was Portofino.  A quick 20 minute ferry ride (and that included one stop - it was so close!) away, it was easy to get to with the kids and the timing worked out given our once again late start (what has become of the early rising Marcus clan??). 

View of the port in Rapallo

Rapallo as we pull out of the harbor - beautiful isn't it?

Zach having a great time on the ferry

Michelle's new Facebook profile picture...

View to the south of Rapallo

Near Santa Margarita (our only stop on the ferry other than Portofino)

Santa Margarita

More of Santa Margarita

Portofino is a small town that was founded around 900AD that has become very popular with the rich and famous. When we pulled into port the size of the boats certainly made that clear!! Portofino was founded by the Romans and named Portus Delphini, or Port of the Dolphin, because of the large number of dolphins that inhabited the nearby Gulf. I was disappointed that we did not see any dolphins on this journey (I have yet to see a live dolphin outside an aquarium) but hope to see some on the next ferry we take! 

Some of the "tiny" boats that were near the harbor entrance to Portofino

Beautiful sailboat near the harbor

Welcome to the harbor of Portofino


And even more amazing!!!

Aidan and Liam posing by the port

After getting off the ferry our immediate goal was to feed the children (ok and us too because we were pretty hungry by then as well).  Aidan decided it was up to him to pick a place because technically it was his day to choose what we would do (must have given him that option when I was a few martinis in).  The restaurant itself was decent though not the best but good for lunch.  If only it wasn't in the blazing 100 degree sun!!  But we all felt much better after some cold drinks and food!!! 

Aidan, Liam and Haley waiting patiently for their food 

Cool view with the sun and the church bells

The kids (all getting along for the moment)

One of my favorite pictures today which is why it's so large... you likely will see a few blown up like this one...

After lunch we decided to do some exploring. We had seen a castle (Castle Brown) upon arriving in the port and figured that would be a good direction to go in. Of course, that direction was also UP and Liam was in his stroller. Well, at least I'll have buns of steel from all that pushing uphill!!

Castle Brown in distance

Aidan and Zach

Yup another favorite... 

Small monkeys that we call children

I need to get back to the gym... at least the background looks great!

View from the walkway on the way to the castle - aren't those boats so tiny????

Liam with the port behind him

Aidan wanted to climb this tree but it was a straight drop down behind him... I don't think so!

The kids found several geckos that they "played" with

Self portrait of Aidan and mommy

Liam "smiles" Marcus

The one decent shot of the boys together

Love him!!!

One last shot of the port before we leave

We finally headed out of town around 5.  Right before that Liam had a final meltdown of the day regarding the ice cream that I was about to buy him but didn't because he threw a tantrum in the line.  To me that was a sign that not only was it time to go but also meant that tonight would be a night of dinner in and an early/reasonable bedtime.  In the end we all stayed in and Kelly made us a fabulous meal of a salad (my contribution - who says I can't cook?), chicken with rosemary and potatoes that were seared in olive oil and rosemary.  All sooo delicious!  The kids were in bed by 9:30 and we're hoping tomorrow to hit the ground running early and head down to Cinque Terre which is about 40 mins south of us.  If Portofino was amazing, I hear Cinque Terre is stunning and I can't wait to see this area!!!


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