Friday, July 15, 2011

On our own in Santa Margarita

Today the kids and I took a break from the group.  All of the kids have been fighting constantly and I think we needed a little bit of family time, just the three of us (we miss you Joshy!).  It was a good chance to refresh our batteries a bit and just chill out on our own schedule.  We decided to take a trip to Santa Margarita which is the ferry stop between here and Portofino.

Of course due to inclement (it's 80 and sunny...hmmm) weather the ferry wasn't running.  So we opted for the bus.  This is where I've grown in the last year and a half... in my "past" life when we first moved to Barcelona the bus was incredibly intimidating.  The idea of figuring out the schedule, the times, etc in a foreign language scared the life out of me.  But today I went right up to the ticket window and asked for three tickets to Santa Margarita.  The only thing I was unsure of was which bus to take - but then I saw the sign above us that listed Santa Margarita on it so we were all set. 

The bus ride was quick and scenic and in about 10 minutes we were there!!  Not quite as stunning as Portofino next door, it was still absolutely beautiful!  Since it was already close to 1, we immediately went to get lunch.  Sadly it was the worst meal we've had in Italy.  I really didn't think it was possible to have a bad meal here but I guess you can anywhere, right?  I ordered a salad and a pizza for myself and just a pizza for the boys.  The boys pizza and my salad came together (and their pizza wasn't all that great) and then 40 mins later my pizza still had not arrived.  Full enough I just asked for the check and then that's when they told me they had my pizza.  Figures right?  Anyways, out of all the things that have happened in the last week, this was minor.

On the bus to Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita in the background

Beauty shot

Brothers - getting along today... for once

Harbor again

Another view

Smiles :)

Love the boats

More boats

And more boats

Cool orange trees with lots of fruit

I LOVE that the gelato place gives bibs to the little kids.  Really didn't do much good as it was all down his arms, legs, shorts, etc - I think we'll keep sticking to the cups for now.

Though I have no desire to sail, I always love views with sailboats

One last beauty shot before we leave

We meandered around the town for a bit, grabbed a gelato and relaxed on a bench while watching the boats go by. All and all, a nice mellow day with my boys. We wanted to take the ferry back (I'm still trying to see those dolphins) but once again they weren't running due to inclement weather (so weird) so we took the bus back.

The kids wanted to head to the beach for a bit so we did just that - and they had such a great time. Liam even went in up to his waist! He's made such huge progress in the water in just a few weeks - such a courageous little kid! And Aidan was very happy snorkeling - he didn't see anything today he told me but it was still fun. I've already sent myself a reminder to make sure I don't forget to pack his goggles and snorkel (like I forgot on this trip and had to buy new ones) for our trip to Greece in a few weeks - he'll love the snorkeling there!!

Liam is loving the beach

Look!  He's up to his waist!!!

Searching for cool rocks.  Aidan started a sea glass collection today!

Dinner was a low key, easy affair tonight. A place right here in Rapallo and there was something for everyone. Everyone got along which was great and it was nice to just laugh at the dinner table rather than lecturing all the kids on getting along. A really nice way to end the Italian portion of our trip.

Liam with fork and napkin "man"

And now with bread and toothpick "man"... again, we'll likely be doing an entry just on Liam and his guys at some point.  This kid has a GREAT imagination!

The castle in Rapallo with the full moon - yes, this is a great way to end our time in Italy!

Tomorrow we are off to France again for another 3 days - the first in Nice and then the next two in Arles (where we stayed back in October with Josh).  We're having a really great time but after a month on the road (we left June 18th for the States and had just 1 1/2 days in BCN before heading on this trip), I definitely miss Josh and my bed...


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