Sunday, August 7, 2011

Josh's Driving Tips for Ireland

1.  When passing a car, try NOT to hit their sideview mirror - it "might" mean you are too close.  But "if" you do happen to hit said mirror, continue and do not stop!

2.  Brushing up against the hedges is the norm as are small rocks (and sometimes even some big rocks).

3.  Passing on a blind corner is ok (despite what your wife says), just put it in a lower gear.

4.  It's like a video game, just bob and weave - you are a bead of water...

5.  Straight-a-ways are for wimps

6.  Two way roads the width of a one way road are an adreneline rush, especially on blind corners.

7.  There is a need for speed... most speed limits are 100 km/hr (about 62 mph), good luck to those who can achieve it on these corners!

8.  Pass all RVs at any personal cost.  Think Cannonball Run...

9.  2nd gear at 80 km/h is the norm

10. Bump, rub and pass...


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