Sunday, August 21, 2011

What do you mean there is no ATM?

Tuesday we spent another day at the beach and then at 5, one of the 5 cabs on the island (I kid you not on this and we booked it last night to make sure we could get one) took us to Gaios, a town on the other side of the island and home to the only ATM on the island (again would have been nice info for the travel agency to share with us).  Yes we came here with some cash but given we were staying on the outskirts/walking distance to our town we figured if we needed a cash infusion we would just walk into town and get some.  Apparently that’s not the way it works on this island.

So down to our last 30 euros in cash we hoped that the 8km cab ride would not cost a small fortune (you never know how much they are going to charge per mile/km) and that the ATM would not be out of cash resulting in us walking that 8km back to Lakka.

Thankfully we found the ATM right away and still had over 3 hours to walk around town and grab an early dinner.  The town was certainly cute but no where near as scenic as Lakka is.  If I had to choose one to stay in again it would definitely be Lakka though I asked the cab driver what her choice would be and she said it would be Loggos which is the smallest town on the island and one we have no yet been to.  So perhaps we’ll have to make a stop there in the next few days???
Down by the harbor in Gaios
More of the harbor

Looks like another church
Lots of boats!
We always love looking at the boats in the harbor so we walked up and down the sidewalk checking them out and seeing where they were from.  The one that we liked the most had the pirate flag and actually was dated as 1912 – so 99 years old!!  A beautiful boat too! 
From 1912!!
And then we saw the woman with the corn roasting on a boat shaped grill.  Fresh organic corn.  Talk about heaven!  The corn in Barcelona that we have found to date has been crap.  Though Josh finally found some fresh corn for the first time the week before we left for Ireland but it definitely wasn’t sweet New England corn that we are used to.  This was wonderful – fresh off the grill she put it back into the husk which she had spread with salt and butter and we were off to chow down on the sidewalk.  Yum!!!
This was the best part of the day!
Our first corn of the year - yum!!!
How cool is her grill??
We went to dinner and then grabbed dessert before heading back to Lakka.  All in all, another great day in paradise.  
Happy Joshy at dinner
Getting some smooches from Liam
Sun starting to set in Gaios
The inscription was in Greek so I don't know what it means but I'm guessing something to do with the Olympics...
More sun setting...

Boys stopping for a moment in the harbor so I can take yet one more picture
Love all the boats!
We were told if we come back in the spring there will be flowers everywhere...hmmmmm
Wednesday we are renting a boat and checking out some caves we heard about and hopefully also hitting Anti Paxos which is off the coast of Paxos (where we are).  I’m betting there will be some amazing pictures from it!  Can’t wait!


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