Thursday, September 1, 2011

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

So first I've got New Years and now Christmas?  Perhaps I'm off a few months already planning away for the holidays right?  Nope... don't you remember the Staples commercial where the parents are gliding thru the store and the kids look less than happy at the prospect of going back to school?  This song is playing the background.  And while this summer was probably one of my best ever, I certainly shed no tears as the children climbed on to the school bus this morning (along with myself who tagged along to school).  And so off they went to see their friends that they haven't seen all summer and to get back into daily routines and to...well, study and learn of course! 

Chilling out waiting to leave for school

Daddy, Liam and Aidan

Aidan, Mommy and Liam

In front of our apartment
(now Josh can switch his background on his phone from the one from last year).

Will you PLEASE stop taking pictures!!!!  While waiting for the bus...

This year Aidan is in 2nd grade. Aside from the fact that I can't get over that we have a child old enough to be in second grade, it also amazes me that we are now entering our THIRD academic year in Spain. Yes, he was only here for 1/2 of kindergarten but this is still his third school year here. As of this year, he has been attending BFIS longer than he has any other school (2 years at For Pete's Sake and 1/2 a year at Hill Roberts). We were at school the other day to drop off some snacks for an event and had checked out his classroom ahead of time so he already knew where his cubby was. This morning he put his things right in his cubby and met up with one of his teachers Ms. Lucia (his other teacher, Ms. Carolina is sick and will be out this week unfortunately but we'll meet her next week). He barely looked back... when did he become so independent?

Aidan and his friend Kristian as we wait to go up to class...

Aidan's classroom and one of his teachers, Ms. Lucia

Liam also has been in the school system here longer than at home, mainly because he only entered school last year to begin with! He's now in Pre-K and is so excited to be a big kid. And I plan to hold the Pre-K thing over his head as much as possible. "You know Liam, kids in Pre-K get dressed themselves". "Liam, kids in Pre-K at least try to not wear a pull up at night" (side note on this as I don't want to offend anyone's kids who have accidents at night and wear them as a precaution - Liam has made NO effort to not wear a pull up to bed, this isn't an accident thing but more like still wearing a diaper at night). Liam was very excited about his class as well although many of his friends are in the other Pre-K class - but he's a social butterfly so he'll be fine I'm sure. His teacher, Ms. Angie, was one of Aidan's kindergarten teachers, so he already knows her which is a comfort for me and I'm sure to him. He went right into his class this morning, found his cubby (he has been spelling his name for a while which is great!) and settled right down on to the rug, criss cross applesauce, ready for the day to begin. I'm so proud of him! Not a tear!!

Liam finds his cubby and for some reason finds the need to show me his belly

Sitting nicely for reading before he was even asked - why can't he do this at home???

After dropping off the kids I chatted with a few moms, something I need to do more often, and then headed back home in the boiling heat (I'd welcome fall now).  It's strange having the house be so quiet again after 10 weeks of chaos but I have no doubt that I'll adjust :) 


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