Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to "School"

I am always at my best when my schedule is packed full of things that need to be accomplished.  Whether social, work or commitments for the kids, I like to keep busy.  So this fall I told myself I was going to focus on work - that I wouldn't over do my social calendar like I did last year, my first year of "freedom" with both kids in school full time.  Only since I'm not out as much, I'm finding myself with more free time and therefore, not quite as motivated as I am when I'm scrambling to get things done.  Go figure.

My friend Gina had asked me to take a Spanish class with her this fall.  I had said I'd look into it but again, I'd lacked in some motivation. So I finally said, let's just go to together and get signed up.  And while it didn't pan out exactly as we'd hoped, in the end it will work out and on Tuesday I go back to school again.  I took a class last spring but it was the Aula 1 - beginners book, mainly to see exactly where I am and at the time didn't feel I was ready for more.  This time I'm going for Aula 2 which would seem like a natural progression.  I'm interested to see how far I've come and if this book comes as easily to me as the last one did.  Of course most of the last one I had learned in high school.  It will also be a nice challenge because I think Gina and I are around the same level, actually, she is likely further ahead than me.  And the competitive side of me says, that's a great challenge - to do as well if not better.  So I'm really looking forward to the class! 

My other "class" that I will be taking is not really a class but a personal training session each week.  So I guess I'm working on both my body and my mind these days.  Maybe it will make me a more well rounded person.  I had a personal trainer for a while back in the States and what a world of difference it made in my workout routine.  I do go to the gym at least 3 times per week but up til the last few weeks my focus has been on cardio which is doing nothing for my butt, abs or elephant arms.  So I've been trying to redistribute that focus and start doing the weights and machines again.  Hopefully Ignacio can help me along in the right direction!

My first session with him was today and I expect to be feeling pretty sore tomorrow.  My previous experience with a trainer definitely came in handy since many of the things he had me do I had done before or had done something similar and not to pump up my ego because I have a long way to go, but he was very surprised at how well I did and that I was willing to continue to push hard.  I felt like I wasn't starting at square one but perhaps square 4 which was a really good feeling and most definitely motivating!!  And while I don't dread going to the gym on a daily basis, I don't necessarily look forward to it either - but I think now I'll have a bit more motivation!

So my schedule is filling up, a good thing.  It's nice to have a lot on my plate and it will help me to keep my focus as well.  And if my Spanish can improve even more AND I can get myself in better shape, well, that's a win win for sure!!

On a side not, completely not related to any classes, but a funny story nonetheless that happened today.  I went to visit my friend Leigh in Premia de Mar and had a great day with her and her two adorable little girls.  I left a little later than planned and was speed walking to the train.  The train would have been coming from behind me and so as I'm walking I turned and looked behind me to see if it was coming or if I had time to walk at a "normal" pace.  Perhaps I should have just focused on the road ahead because I slammed myself into a metal pole - hard.  To the point where I bounced off it, mostly with my head and knee.  Yeah, I was that person... so I'm thinking maybe not all the soreness tomorrow will be from my workout!!


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