Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Gym Saga Continues

So this morning I went to the gym as I normally do, right after dropping off the kids at the bus stop.  I was still fuming a bit about yesterday and feeling like I had been taken advantage of, even if it was unintentionally, or maybe it's because my Spanish still has further to go than I realized that made me angry??  Who knows... all I know is I went in this AM with a little less energy than I'd hoped for. 

As I was getting on the treadmill to do my 5k (in actuality I completed 6k so guess I had more energy than I realized), Ignaci came by to say hi.  He also asked me about my new Prestige Membership.  I told him I had no idea how I ended up with it and that originally I was doing the 10 months plus 3 free months but then this woman (can't remember her name) came up and starting doing all these numbers and basically convinced me to do the Prestige. I told him I didn't think it was something that was really going to benefit me since (a) I only go in the AM - if I'm not there by 9, I'm not coming that day (b) my gym is one block from my apartment, for what reason do I need access to other locations and (c) well, there is no C at the moment but I'm sure I can think of one later.  But I said for 20 euros more it is what it is. 

That's when the shock came... he said but it's not 20 euros more than what you paid last year.  In fact, it is 600 euros per QUARTER!  Are you f*cking kidding me?????  Seriously?  For what reason did she think this was a good deal for me.  The slammer on that one was that he also told me that it's usually for those over 40 so apparently I have aged in her eyes to much older than I am... or at least 4 years older than I am.  Regardless, even Ignaci told me that this is not a good fit for me. 

I got to the gym and apparently I must look those 40 years when I'm working out because Ignacio didn't recognize me, but then I also had showered so I guess that's a good thing right?  Regardless he spoke to the manager and then we waited...and waited...and waited.  At least I got a good intercambio in while I was waiting and he's a really nice guy to talk to.  Finally it was my turn (by myself - yikes) and it took less than 30 seconds and I didn't understand most of what the manager said - thankfully he had told her beforehand what needed to be done.  So I'm hoping, fingers are crossed, that I'm all set.  But in those 30 seconds she took both of my gym cards and then told me to come back tomorrow.  I'm going with the assumption, which can be dangerous I've learned, that she's going to fix it all by tomorrow.  If you see another post from me then once again I've failed in my ability to communicate. 

Speaking of communicating - my new Spanish class started yesterday and it went fantastic.  Gina and I loved our teacher who was incredibly animated and fun.  We laughed a lot and that made the learning process that much better.  Sadly, we think we only have her this week and then we switch to another teacher - we're going to ask her on Thursday and if that is the case, petition to get her to stay with us.  Will keep you posted!


Side note - it's now Thursday and I just had a great training session.  I'm down 2 lbs and am getting really motivated.  I worked hard and today for some reason felt much harder than last week even though many of the exercises I had done before but maybe it's just my muscles working harder.  Regardles, I truly think it's going to pay off in the end and I'm already feeling better than I was.  When you guys at home see me next summer I'm going to be in such better shape!!  And of course for Jay's wedding in May too :)  On the membership side, still have no idea what is happening.  The guy at the front desk let me in since he knows me and told me to come by after my training to take care of my card.  He keeps trying to convince me to stick with the Prestige but I said no thanks.  I went by after my training and still he had no idea what was going on and said that maybe tomorrow it will be fixed.  My concern is that I've already made the "first" payment and I want to make sure it is put towards my membership for next year and not this Prestige thing.  He told me not to worry, but I can't help it... it's who I am!  Off to Spanish class!!! 

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