Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween - 2011

It's been raining in Barcelona for a solid 2 weeks now.  It's not normal and it's kind of wearing on all of us.  At the same time, it's a sign that fall is finally here.  During some of the rare moments of clearing, it has still been warm - a few days this week were in the early 70s, no jacket required.  The kids are still wearing just a light sweatshirt to school.  It's hard to believe we are already into November. 

And so with all the rain and the air starting to get a bit chilly, I can finally get into fall mode.  And the start of that is Halloween.  As I mentioned in my blog last year, it's not a holiday really celebrated here.  There are some stores with decorations and you will see some costumes start to appear around mid Oct (not like end of Aug at home!).  I pre-ordered the kids costumes from home and my dad shipped it all here to arrive before Oct 1 - last year we had a bit of chaos in getting them here so I planned ahead this time!

Because there is no trick-or-treating here, the boys' school puts on a huge party for the entire school, nursery thru grade 12.  Normally it is held on the elementary school campus (because they just added an upper school campus this year so before it actually was the entire school campus) outside because, well, it's still warm here in October.  It was supposed to be held last Friday but due to the deluge of rain we've been having, it was rescheduled to this past Friday.

The kids were bummed about the change but were fine with it.  They did a little Halloween in Puerto Banus while we were away over the weekend and had something to look forward to this week.  There is a parade that is held during the afternoon before the party, just for the elementary school.  Liam was super excited about it, Aidan not so much.  But in the end he had nothing to worry about because it's still been raining!!!

The PTA made a decision to move the party indoors.  Now because our climate here is very mild, most schools don't have an indoor gymnasium.  Events are held in patio areas and that is the case for BFIS, the boys' school.  So to move it indoors meant to the cafeteria (still not nearly as big as your standard American one - but keep in mind they have 500 students for the entire N-12) and to the art room of the high school which is in the basement of the building. 

Seriously mom, why are you making us take a picture???????  You would think I was telling them they'd lost tv for a week instead of going to a Halloween party!

Liam and his friend Quinn

Aidan, Santi and Lucas

Liam playing one of several games

Suffice it to say, it was crowded.  Like fire marshall would never have allowed this at home kind of crowded.  You couldn't move an inch most of the party.  But the kids were super happy and thrilled to be dressed up in their costumes.  Aidan was Jengo Fett from StarWars and Liam was Captain America, an apt costume for my all American boy!! 

Josh came to the party this year too which was a nice bonus since he missed it last year.  There was American food on the grill and candy that people brought back from the States (all at a cost of course, we managed to spend 60 euros in tickets for the 2 1/2 hours we were there).  And lots of games for the kids to play.  All in all, everyone had a great time and we've made it thru yet another holiday abroad, relatively unscathed!  Next up, Thanksgiving!!!


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