Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Fiestas

Yes, it's that time of year again - for end of the semester parties and concerts for the boys.  Each of the boys had a concert and a party to celebrate the end of 2011 and to welcome in the holiday season and the long 3 week holiday break!

On Tuesday Liam and his classmates put on a performance for the parents in the music room and it was absolutely adorable!  They sang several songs and did such a great job!

On their way to the music room!
Liam loves the stage :)
Hi Mommy!

For videos of the concert, click the links below (Liam is 2nd on the right):

After the concert we headed back to the classroom where treats were all set up for the kids.  But the big surprise was a visit from Santa!!  The kids were so excited that Santa came to see them and to bring them each a little toy. 

Getting ready for snacks with friends

You can't really see Liam's face but it's one of "Wow, Santa's here!"

Liam getting his present

On Thursday night, the elementary school did their annual holiday concert at the Clinica Planas.  It was a little chaotic getting to the auditorium.  We left the house around 5:50 (only having gotten home from school at 5) to take a cab up to Clinica Planas.  However, General Mitre, one of the main roads here, was absolutely bumper to bumper.  It was annoying that the cab didn't seem to think he should try one of the side roads and then I finally asked him to do it - he had to look at his GPS to figure out where to go... really?  I've lived here two years and I could tell you.

Anyways, so we got to the concert late and they had already started.  Thankfully since Aidan is in 2nd grade we made it with a few minutes to spare since kindergarten was already on the stage.  Whew!!  It was a great concert and the kids loved seeing their friends outside of school.  Considering we had to drag them out of the house, it was interesting that we also had to drag them home from the concert since they wanted to stay and play!

Aidan is in the light blue shirt 3rd from the left.

While I'm sure you would have loved to have seen the entire hour plus concert, I only recorded Aidan's class.  His class sang "Shalom Chaverim" - to watch the video click here: 

Liam, Logan and Ariana

Playing nicely while they wait for the concert to end, though I did notice the boys leaving Ariana out occassionally... but not because she was a girl, but because she didn't have any ninjago legos with her...only a snowman.  Ah boys!

Today was Aidan's end of year holiday party.  For me it started off a little rough.  For some reason I thought it started at 3 but a parent happened to email me about something and then mentioned she'd see me in an hour.  But that's not possible because it was only 1PM.  But yup, I was wrong, the party started at 2 and shame on me because I should know this.  Why?  Because I'm the one who sent the email to all the parents to let them know when it was!  So I scurried there via cab because the kennel didn't pick up Jake til 1:30. 

The party started with the kids reviewing their journals about Japan which they've been studying for the last 7 weeks.  Yesterday I volunteered to do one of the Japan centers in the class where the kids got to do things from trying chopsticks to making rice balls and even trying origami.  So it was fun to see what they've learned based on their journals.  Then it was time to have the party which was very casual with some snacks brought in from the parents.   

Best buds - Santi, Aidan and Max

The boys with the class turtle, aptly named Turti
And finally after school today we headed on down to Vistaprint for their Holiday View.  As many of our neighborhood friends may remember from Josh's Lexington days, every Friday night Josh would say he was working late.  In fact, he had the View, which is an end of the week little get together sponsored each week by a different department.  There is often food and beverages and depending on the time of year, some entertainment.  I always would laugh at him when he'd say he's working late because after all these years, you'd think he'd know that I know he was going to the view. 

Anyways, tonight's View was a holiday one and all the little kids were invited.  It was a fun time and the kids opened up a bit more than I expected with Aidan even playing a rousing game of foosball (yes there is foosball and table tennis set up in their offices... oh and don't forget the wii!).  Liam wasn't as social but seemed pretty happy overall and for me it was nice to get out and socialize beyond my group of friends.  It was all in all a nice way to start our vacation.

Though speaking of vacations, I will put in this one aside because it was amusing and something I will want to laugh about years from now - Liam still sleeps in a pull up.  When I went to say goodnight to him I said it smelled a bit and did he poop.  At first he denied it but then he came clean.  When I asked him why he didn't listen to his body and go in the toilet, he responded that his body was on vacation and that's why he didn't listen to it.  Yeah, it's going to be an interesting 3 weeks of Christmas vacation for sure!  We're off to Basel, Switzerland in the morning!!  I probably won't update the blog til we get back because I won't be able to upload the pics since my laptop is staying home and I can't transfer them to our ipad but keep an eye out next week for more!!


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