Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skating on Thin Ice

Barcelona isn't exactly known for it's hard core winters.  We don't get snow here (ok, 2 inches a few years ago and it was the first accumulating snow in 25 years) and really for the most part the temps here don't go below 50 in the winter with the exception of the early mornings. 

For us to be able to go ice skating outside, that's a special treat.  I'd seen a rink on the other side of the city last year but in part I was too lazy to go and because we don't go to that part of the city that much it was also out of sight out of mind.  So when we saw a tent being erected in Placa Catalunya we didn't think much of it til a friend said it was a skating rink!! 

The kids had both today and this coming Thursday off and so yesterday I went downtown to make sure that the rink would be open today, a holiday.  And since it was, we made plans with both one of Aidan's friends and one of Liam's friends to meet up at 11.  Yesterday there was no line...today everyone and their brother had the same idea as we did.  We sat in line for close to 40 minutes but in the end it was worth it.

For just 8 euros each which included our skate rental we got to skate for a full hour.  Now recently I've realized I'm a bit embarrassed that I say we are from New England and yet my kids had never been on ice skates nor on skis.  I'm rectifying both of these things this year!!  Today we took care of the skates and the kids LOVED it!!  Especially Aidan who wanted to go back after lunch (we did not)!  I guess his rollerblading skills came in handy after all!!  Liam wouldn't give up and I love that about him - he was bound and determined to do it without help and while he skirted the boards most of the time, he did edge his way out occassionally!  Another few times and he'll be doing great!!!

Liam, Aidan and Santi

Aidan and Santi are amazing right away!

Liam sticks to the boards

But sometimes has the courage to let go!  Go Liam!

The big kids in the middle

Stephanie helping Liam along the way

They look so big here!!  When did they get so old???

Chris and Pol taking a spin around the rink

All smiles even when he falls...

Til we hit the meltdown stage... ok, time to go!

We'll definitely be going back before the rink closes on January 8th!

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