Friday, January 6, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End... Vacation is Over :(

All good things must come to an end.  It’s hard to believe that in the course of 3 weeks we have been to France, Switzerland and Germany to visit the Christmas markets, then flown back to Barcelona for 5 days for Christmas and then drove back up to France for 11 days to go skiing.  The time has flown by for sure.  But now is the time to get back into our grooves, the kids must go back to school and Josh and I to work.  I for one, have been neglecting my work and it’s not a good way to start off the new y ear, so I’m eager to get back and get ramped up for 2012.  I’m also eager to sleep in my own bed!

We skied a half day yesterday and the kids had another lesson.  It’s amazing how far the two of them have come in just a week.  Aidan has also become quite the daredevil, following Josh thru the woods and over hills that sneak up along the sides of some of the runs.  He’s also mastered the blue square run at La Quillane, something I have yet to do as well as him (though yes, I have skied down it several times).  Even Liam did the big green circle run, leaving his beginner slope – I’m so proud of him!  For some final videos of the boys, including one where Aidan is weaving in and out of the trees, see below.  There’s also one of Liam weaving in and out of the flags, not too bad for a 4 year old who’s been skiing for a week! (Aidan skiing thru the flags) (Aidan skiing along the green circle and thru the trees – a bit blurry) (Liam skiing around the flags) (Last video of Liam skiing)

Last night we went into Font Romeu for dinner and while we were picking up some treats for Josh’s co-workers I heard Aidan’s name being called.  How funny since it’s not exactly a common name in France or in Spain.  And lo and behold it was Aidan’s really good friend, Isa, who also happened to be in Font Romeu where she and her parents had been staying for the last 3 weeks.  We ended up going to a bar with them and sharing their King cake to celebrate Three Kings Day (which is today).  Aidan was beyond elated to have a friend to hang out with and it was nice for Josh and I to have some other adults to interact with and Kiki and Alfredo are just the nicest people. 

By the time we parted ways at 8:30, we decided to get a pizza to go.  The entire main street was pretty much shut down and we only managed to find one pizza place that was even open.  Considering we were only 2 hours away from Barcelona, it was like another world since most restaurants, including pizza places don’t even OPEN until 8:30 much less are they already closing!  But we got a pizza to go and brought it back to the chalet.  The kids were exhausted and didn’t eat much but it was worth it for them to be able to have a buddy to hang with and to just do something different for a little bit. 

Speaking of having a buddy, Josh and I have been talking that it might be more fun for Aidan, now that he’s a bit older, to have a friend come along occasionally when we go away.  He gets very frustrated with just us and Liam and it might be nice for him to have a friend.  So it’s something we’ll consider going forward depending on the trip location, length of trip, etc. 

As I write this, we were supposed to be skiing for one last day before heading back to reality tomorrow, but last night there were winds that seemed to rival a hurricane.  I always thought you couldn’t take the New England out of the girl, but apparently you can because I didn’t sleep a wink due to all the noise outside from the high winds.  Anyways, it was still very windy this morning with temps at zero and obviously a significant wind chill.  So we decided to cancel the boys’ last ski lesson, return our ski rentals and just chill out at the chalet for one last day.  We have been very lucky with the weather thus far, Josh compared it with spring skiing.  Sun most days and temps around 40.  So to have to cancel our last day really isn’t all that bad.

So this afternoon we talked about heading over to Les Angles which is probably where we will ski the next time we come up to this area.  It’s supposed to be a very cute town as well.  Tomorrow we will head back to Barcelona and to reality, at least til the next trip!


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