Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Welcoming 2012!

I'm going to admit this straight off the bat... we're lame.  We did nothing at all to ring in the new year.  As a matter of fact the kids were in bed by 9 and Josh and I went upstairs to read around 10:30.  Josh had his annual viewing of Army of Darkness much to my chagrin... I had hoped he would forget that this year but alas, he did not...and he had it preloaded on to the ipad.  Oy vey!  I was the only one still awake at midnight and it was because I was determined to finish my book.  However, we are staying in the middle of no where and I have no idea where a party would have even been found much less if we would have wanted to attend.  So a mellow New Year it was.

However, this morning started off much less lame :)  Aidan woke up and had lost the tooth that has been hanging on by a thread for weeks.  It must have fallen out during the night and we can only assume he swallowed it.  He wants to know if he lost it in 2011 or 2012 though since he was asleep and doesn't know if it came out before the new year.  I told him that I think it was 2012 because it sounds luckier to have lost it in the new year.  He was thrilled to have finally lost it... I'm thrilled to no longer hear about it or watch him wiggling it!!

The boys had their last ski lesson this morning at 9:30.  Who was the idiot who scheduled that on New Years morning?  Oh, me... ooops!!  They were both up before 8 anyways so it didn't really matter all that much.  And we were literally the first people on the slopes (those crazy Americans!) which was really nice.  It had rained yesterday and we were concerned the slopes would be icy but it was also warm today so it could also be slush.  Regardless, it was a nice day to be on the slopes where you didn't have to be all bundled up. 

 Liam has pretty much given up on skiing, sadly. He's pretty good at it but has absolutely no patience for it. We got him to go up twice with Josh on the beginner slope and I finally got some video of him coming down:

Josh and Liam heading up to the beginner slope which Liam calls the Big Hill! 

The sun hitting one of the mountains in the distance - so beautiful!

So proud of himself!  And he loved watching the video I took of him going down, it motivated him to do one more run... but just one more.

View on the other side of the ski area

More pretty views

The boys' instructor took Aidan for the first half hour and then took Liam.  Aidan has been consistently doing the blue square run for the last 2 days and he did a bunch of runs down it with his instructor.  Liam had to be somewhat forced to do his last lesson but he did a great job.  Then Jean had us come inside where he presented Aidan with a booklet that he then stamped that he had completed the first level of ski school.  The look of pride on Aidan's face was worth it all.  Liam was disappointed that he didn't get a book but I told him that he had to practice more than just during his lesson in order to get one.  He was over it in about 2 minutes.

Josh and I took turns skiing with Aidan and then sitting with Liam who was playing in the snow. I really enjoy skiing with Aidan though he has already surpassed me skill-wise :) But it was fun to do something sporty with him beyond our usual tennis. And I know Josh has loved every moment of this week that he's been able to ski with his boys.

Aidan at the top getting ready to head down

Done with his hot chocolate and half of Aidan's orange Fanta and about ready to take a nap

Oh but look, they have lounge chairs for us to lay on!  And seriously it was warm in the sun that I could have taken my jacket off...

Liam and I getting ready to ski this morning...

We haven't really made serious New Years Resolutions yet.  I did tell the boys I would do my best to yell less if they listen more.  Though I say that every year.  We agreed we would all try to be healthier.  I'd love to get the boys out on their bikes or scooters more often.  The temps are still in the early 60s in Barcelona right now so once we get back on Saturday I'm hoping we can spend more time outside.  Josh said he would like for us to become independently wealthy this year.  I'm with him.  And then he said he'd like to spend more time as a family.  I told him essentially one begets the other - become independently wealthy and he'll have more time to spend with us.  We'll see how that one works out!  Liam agreed when I told him his resolution should be to stop using pull ups at night and to start getting dressed by himself.  Aidan is not making any resolutions because he told me it was dumb.  Ahh well, what can you do?

It's a little after 2 here now and we're back from the slopes and having a mellow afternoon just relaxing and watching movies.  We've started off the New Year on a high note and I hope it sticks!!  In just a few days we'll be celebrating 2 years of living in Barcelona.  It's hard to believe that we have been here that long already! 

Happy New Year to one and all!

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