Monday, April 2, 2012

Captivating Capri

I’m glad we took the little train yesterday as it took us right down to the port, so when we headed out this morning, we knew exactly where we were going.  And it was so easy – I love it when the morning goes smoothly.  Even better, I love it that Liam didn’t puke on the ferry (remember Greece?) especially since I forgot to bring a puke bag with me for him!

Capri was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  It reminded me a little bit of Hydra Island and yet at the same time of Paxos (both islands in Greece).  From a tourist standpoint and also from the port area, definitely more like Hydra, minus the donkeys and horses.  But as we took a personal boat tour around the perimeter of the island, it definitely was like Paxos as well.  And similar to Paxos, I was surprised to see so few beaches and that the beaches that were there were incredibly small and rocky.  The water, however, was as turquoise blue as any I’ve ever seen – with moments were it almost appeared aglow.

Liam excited for the ferry to Capri

Shaking his little tush as he goes down the stairs

I promise not to puke!

Love tihs smile!!!

Entering the harbor in Capri

Main harbor in Capri

Shortly after we got off the ferry, we were approached by a guy wanting to give us a boat tour.  Yes, super touristy, but we love the water and it was a chance to see the island from a different point of view.  A two hour tour for just the 4 of us.  Of course, I stupidly didn’t expect the choppiness that I should have – I know full well that not all sides of the island can be calm at the same time.  My biggest concern was Liam who doesn’t know how to swim and of course there were no life jackets supplied by the owner for the kids.  Thankfully it was the earlier part that was ridiculously choppy in our tiny Boston Whaler type of boat – but the owner of the boat was incredibly capable and never did I have a moment where I was in fear for my life (ok, maybe one or two – they were really big waves!).  But when we got to the best parts of the island the waters were incredibly calm and beautiful!  Not only did it remind us of Greece but L’Estartit in Costa Brava where we’d seen similar caves and small rocky islands.

As we leave the harbor on our little boat

Claiming to be getting a tan only he's completely covered... well at least he won't get skin cancer right?

Check out the statue on top of the rock

Look how blue this water is!!

Orange coral

The water actually looks like it's glowing from within the cave - the picture just doesn't capture it the same...

Not feeling 100%... he quickly got over it though

Look at me drive!!!

Aidan's napping... missed most of the trip - he's like his dad, any motion will lull him to sleep!

Our guide told us this is the rich side of the island

So clear you can see the bottom

Lighthouses - my fave :)

Josh and Aidan

Liam and I

Got suddenly windy... me and my boys!

The tour lasted about 2 hours and then we took off for lunch. We saw signs pointing towards the center of town and figured we would head there. Only none of us had any idea that the center of town was close to the top of the mountain and so therefore we headed up ramps and stairs up and up and up. There were several breakdowns along the way but we made it.

Just a few of the stairs...who knew we'd walk for a good 20 mins straight uphill???

I loved this sign

He's smiling because I carried him up most of the way... I may not have gone to the gym but I certainly worked out (and he even told me by carrying him I would get a better work out!!!)

Lemon trees

Aidan absolutely refusing to go another inch!!!

And we had a great lunch overlooking the harbor.The center of Capri was quaint and filled with both local shops and some not so local ones (like Prada, though at least it was keeping with the Italian theme). While at lunch we found out that Aidan’s friend Carter was actually on a cruise which stopped in Naples and then on a ferry to Capri.Unfortunately we didn’t meet up with them, but it was fun to know that they were there at the same time we were! 

View at the top

And the place where we had lunch had the Simpsons on... all is good again in the world

I think he got more rides than he needed... little bugger!

Downhill is so much easier (my calves might not agree later)

The kids were toasty after lunch and so we caught the 330 ferry back to Sorrento. It’s a quick 30 minute ferry, probably not even that long. And with our best attempt at going up the hill to our villa, we’re on track for a good ending to a great day… now if only we could do something about those crabby kids!!

Coming back to Sorrento

At Aidan's request we headed back into town for dinner tonight - and we skipped the Italian for British pub food - I never thought I'd say this but I'm carbed out!!!  I needed just a roasted chicken or something and Josh and the kids felt the same.  It was the perfect end to a fantastic day!!!

Tomorrow we’re off to Pompeii and I, for one, am so excited!!!



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