Monday, May 7, 2012

Liam's Birthday Party 2012

With the upcoming move, 2 children with birthdays and my trip to the US slated in a week to go to my brother's wedding, we decided that the kids' birthdays absolutely needed to be lowkey this year.  Liam had initially wanted to have his party at a playspace area that another friend had hers.  But with money hemmoraging left and right with the move, we decided it was best to have his party at home.

Now with only a patio of 600 square feet (of which maybe half is usable), no grass and a house not much bigger, this can present a challenge.  But armed with cupcakes, pizza and a boatload of toys, I think overall it was a success.  I was a bit anxious that all the parents would want to stay and I most definitely didn't have room for 16 parents plus their kids but in the end it was just 4 or 5 parents that stayed which was perfect and an opportunity to get to know them a little bit better from my end.
I think Liam had a great time and loved all the presents he got from his friends!  This was our first "real" birthday party that he's had as the first year we were here he had only one little friend and Aidan not many more and last year we opted for no party for either of the boys so I think it made it all the more exciting for Liam since he really doesn't remember his last birthday party.

I'll admit, I also got a bit lazy with Liam's party... but shhh don't tell him.  At home I would have ordered a jumparoo, some pizza and perhaps did a bbq but normally I don't do party games, it's just one big social party.  So I kind of kept to that which given the small space and such a small group, felt a little lax.  But since Liam and his buddies seemed happy with a giant playdate, whom am I to tempt fate and try to change things?

Ah the love of a good juice box...

Playing with some of his friends

To see everyone singing Happy Birthday to Liam:
Opening presents...

And some more presents

Since all I could find was a string pinata, it was opened in less than 3 seconds... but then I suppose that's better than 8 - 5 year olds wielding a bat near my patio door...

Even Jake got in on the celebrations!

This week we have Aidan's 8th birthday and then his birthday party so keep an eye out for more blog updates on those!


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