Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Quick Jump Across the Pond

Tomorrow I hop on a plane at the crack of dawn...and by crack I mean it will still be dark out as my flight is at 6:50AM.  God help me when I land because I'm going to be a walking zombie.  But it will be worth it because tomorrow I will be heading to US soil for the first time in 11 months.

And not only am I heading to the States, but to my little brother's wedding.  However, it's just me going - the kids and Josh are staying here in Barcelona.  The wedding is being held in Minneapolis which is where my brother's fiancee is from - and so given my entire family is only heading out for 3 full days, I didn't think I could stomach two 13 hour flights with the kids on either end of such a short trip.  Not to mention it would have meant pulling them from school which I hesitate to do.  But it still won't be the same celebrating Jay and Katie's wedding without them.  Both kids called their Uncle Jay tonight though to wish him "happy wedding"... Aidan actually asked me if I could book a flight for him at the last minute - so cute but alas, a last minute flight to MN might set me back just a "little" bit...

However, it does mean some good, quality time with my parents and brother that I don't normally get when the kids are around.  I can't wait to just sit down and have a meal with them.  And shopping with my mom and of course, the wedding.  Sure it's going to be a whirlwind few days and the jetlag won't have even had time to sink in before it's time to head back to Barcelona.  But it's going to be worth it. 

This will be my first trip home where I'm not actually going home.  And while it's going to be a crazy few days, I'm curious to see how I feel being back on US soil but not being pulled in a million different directions trying to visit friends and family, fit in doctors appointments and of course, do our American shopping too.  Though I will be doing some American shopping, after all Mall of America is within spitting distance from our hotel... I might have a slight addiction to their website as I constantly cruise it for what shops I want to go to!!!! 

As much as I know the food at home isn't as healthy or preservative free as the food here is, I can't wait to sink my teeth into a good American steak.  Or a salad with all the fixings including, get this, dressing!! 

Of course I'm also excited to see Jay and Katie walking down the aisle and finally tying the knot - it's about time!!  They've been together since I was pregnant with Aidan so that's a pretty long time!  And I'm so glad that I get to be there to help them celebrate this day! 

I've still got packing to do and work to do before I can actually turn in but for some reason felt I needed to put up an entry about going home before I actually get there.  Maybe to reflect back on later.  The last few trips home I've been excited and yet ambivilent because I haven't known what to expect from our friends and knowing that I would be balancing a full schedule.  This time, I'm just excited because for the most part, I have very little on my plate for the next few days other than quality time with my family.  I hate the idea of being so far away from the kids (Josh and I can talk on the phone but the kids really won't) but I know they'll have a great time with Josh and somehow daddy makes everything look easy and I'll come back to a clean house, clean kids and even the homework will be done. 

I have no doubt I'll be posting from the US as I embark on my solo adventures across the pond!!


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