Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!!!

The jetlag kicked in pretty quick on my end.  After over 14 hours of travel, I was damn tired.  And while I tried to resist, I was asleep by 8PM on my first night in Minnesota.  This was bad and I knew it because by 1:30AM, I was wide awake.  For the day.  Thankfully, my mom is an early riser and by 5:45 she had texted me to see if I was awake and did I want to hit the gym?

Hitting the gym before 6AM made me feel incredibly American.  And I have to say, it felt good.  I've mentioned this recently that my schedule has been so jammed packed with things going on that I feel "American" again rather than living a more tranquila Spanish life.  It has it's pros and cons like anything else.  But for this moment, with my mom, it was a good thing.  Unfortunately between jetlag and dehydration from flying, it wasn't my best workout, but to do it with my mom made it worthwhile regardless.  We were at breakfast by 7 and ready to hit the road by 8.

This being the US, stores open (get this) before 10AM...yes, they are open all the time.  I still can't get over that sometimes even though that's how it's been for all my life except the last 2 1/2 years.  I guess it shows how much I've adjusted to the Spanish way of doing things.  Unfortunately not all stores are open first thing and the mall didn't actually open til 10.  But that's ok because I needed to go to Target anyways and Target, as we know, opens at the crack of dawn.

Ah Target, sweet Target... I've missed you so!!  By 8AM my mom and I were in the parking lot ready to go.  Bonus was that I got to drive there.  I drove back in March so it hasn't been that long but still long enough that it felt good to be behind the wheel.  But I digress... Target... it was a Super Target too.  So I got all my grocery shopping in and managed to get some other things as well such as the new Super Mario sheets and blankets for Aidan's new room in our new apartment.  And medicine for the kids, toothpaste (I can find every brand BUT Aquafresh in BCN and I'm particular on my toothpaste - can't help it!), a few t-shirts and much more. 

Hmmm... good thing I purchased another bag!

After spending a small fortune at Target we stopped back at the hotel and made our way over to, you guessed it, the Mall of America.  Seriously could I do more shopping???  You bet.  I was made for this place :)  We only had a little over 2 hours because my mom, in typical Ellen fashion, needed 3 hours to prep for the rehearsal dinner that night.  I still think I may be adopted because I'm way low maintenance by comparison.  But that's who she is and I love her for it.  We still got a good amount done by noon. 

While my mom and I shopped, Jay was out with Katie and my dad was on his own. I have no problem saying he was at Hooters which made me laugh.  I could care less that he was there but apparently Jay was a bit more sensitive about it.  He and I texted on where to meet for lunch and I told him to meet us there.  He then texted me to say he was at another restaurant down the way.  I made him come get us and I could tell he was less than thrilled and he told us to meet him down at the other place.  Ah Jay... he is who he is and I'm not going to change him now.  But I wish he'd lighten up a bit. 

I took my dad and Jay for lunch at Tony Roma's.  I made the mistake of ordering a combo appetizer.  Normally you get a little bit of a few different things.  But not at Tony Roma's.  You get A LOT of a few different things, as in full sized appetizers.  It was there that I realized just how much my eating habits have changed because I felt so ill afterwards.  But it was nice to catch up with Jay and my dad a bit though I feel like it was more Jay and I talking than my dad - I'll have to make sure he and I catch up more when I'm home next month! 

After lunch we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Like our lunch the day before, it was being held at Napa Valley.  I have to give them credit for a fabulous dinner - it was classy, the food was delicious and I think everyone was happy.  It was the first time I met Katie's family and this won't be the last time I say it, they were wonderful.  I've never felt so welcomed and they were just the lovliest people.  It doesn't surprise me because Katie is a super nice, lovely person that I adore.  So it makes sense her family would be too.  But I didn't meet a single person that I didn't like.  I also got a chance to catch up with 2 of Jay's friends from our school days, Ryan and Mike.  It's weird seeing them as adults as I'll always think of them as my little brother's friends.  And Ryan just had a baby which kind of blows my mind because how can he possibly be old enough?  Though I guess him being 34 would do it!!

My mom, me and my Aunt Joni who flew in for the festivities

My brother Jay and I

My new skinny mom!  I, on the other hand, look huge at this angle...

With dinner done by 9:30, it was back to the hotel and yet another night of's getting old this jetlag thing.  Once again, I was up in the middle of the night for the day, at least this time it was 3:30AM!


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