Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Expanding Our Family

Haha... you probably thought I was going to say I was pregnant in the post didn't you??  I don't think so!!!!  But we do actually have a new member to the Marcus clan.  Introducing... Turti.  Aidan has changed the name to DJ but somehow none of us have been able to stick to it since he was known throughout the school year as Turti. 

So who is Turti?  Turti was the class pet in Aidan's class this year.  He's a small little turtle, one might even call him cute.  Ok, I may even call him cute, but don't look to me to be playing with him on the floor.  Gone are the days when Michelle and I used to wander the swamps around Easton on the hunt for significantly larger turtles that we would then put in our water/sand boxes to entertain us for hours.  Gone is the tomboy and hello to the mom who sees lots of germs on this little creature and children who constantly put their hands in their mouths. 

But I'm trying my best to remember the good old days and how the "turti"'s in my life made my childhood that much better.  And that's why when Aidan's teacher sent me an email asking me to contact all the parents in the class about putting their children's names into a raffle, I agreed.  Of course, I didn't think we would actually win the turtle at first.  But then ALL the parents came back saying they didn't want their child's name in the raffle.  So in the end, I felt badly that Turti was homeless and agreed that we would take him.  Aidan's name mysteriously was pulled from the raffle and now Turti is ours.

Aidan is really excited to have a new pet that's all his own.  Jake and Sailor were both here long before he was born and he's been begging for a guinnea pig or some kind of small animal to call his own.  At 8 years old, he's ready to take on some responsibility and so I think the timing worked out well.  I actually prefer the turtle over a hamster or guinnea pig...it seems like it's lower maintenance.  And so far he's been relatively responsible, only missing one feeding so far (of course it's only been 5 days) that mom, of course, made up for. 

Turti is off to visit some friends of ours while we are in the States and hopefully bring a little joy to some other little kids while we are away.  In the meantime, here is a picture of our new friend...

Turti on his way home last week...


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