Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heading for "Home, Home"

Today is the day!!!! I didn't think I'd be so excited about going home since I was just on US soil literally a month ago but I can't wait. We booked our flights 6 months ago and the time is finally here for us to go "home home". I'm sure I've told you about "home home" before but in case you forgot, it was the easiest way for us to differentiate with the kids that this is home (Barcelona) and that while the US is still home, it's not our home right now and so it's just "home home". The kids actually came up with it and as long as they understand the difference between Boston and Barcelona, I'm cool with whatever they want to do.

Last month I was a little apprehensive about this upcoming trip. When I was in Minnesota for my brother's wedding I was just feeling a bit lost in relation to "home home" and feeling disconnected with my friends. And while I still feel a little bit disconnected from some, I still feel close to others and to be honest, it will make my calendar a lot easier because I'll have fewer people to see which means I actually get some quality time with them rather than being in constant motion.

Now don't get me wrong, my calendar is pretty full. I have a spare day here and there for some things but also still have times to set up with people that I'm playing email tag with or trying to coordinate calendars with. But essentially I have at least one "thing" every day, usually at least 2 or 3 - something in the morning, afternoon and evening depending on the day. And I know as a result, I'll probably get sick... again. But it will be worth it. It will be worth it because I'll get a chance to catch up with those that I love and miss!

Right now it looks something like this:
* June 23 - crazy day spent in the air with 2 small children who are (thank god) good fliers, but still makes for an insanely long day
* June 24 - spending morning/early afternoon with friends and kids at the zoo (evening free)
* June 25 - Josh taking the kids for the next 2 days
10AM dr appt
12PM - whenever... road trip with BFF
* June 26 - return from said road trip and go to the dentist for 12PM
2PM spa day with my mom
7PM girls dinner night
* June 27 - Boys return to me in time for their 12PM dentist appt
Spend afternoon in our 'hood
7PM dinner with friend
* June 28 - spending the day with my parents (evening free)
* June 29 - spending day (with the kids) with BFF (evening free)
* June 30 & July 1 - no plans....yet
* July 2 - spending day with mom & dad
7PM dinner with friends
* July 3 - heading to CT to see friends for the day/evening
* July 4 - return from CT and head to big 4th of July party with friends, staying over
* July 5 - traditional breakfast with our 4th friends then heading to the Cape to my in-laws
* July 6 - still at in-laws, BFF may come down
* July 7 - leave in-laws, spending day with kids and BFF
* July 8 - free day
7PM dinner with friend
* July 9 - free day / evening
* July 10 - spending day with mom and dad and then heading back to BCN

In the past we've had much crazier schedules than this. Every year I try to do better and better about making sure we have downtime because I know, realistically in the end, we won't really get much downtime. And by the time we get back to BCN, we'll be exhausted!!

I'm also learning not to overpack - less than one bag for each of us because I know that we'll fill it up (much to Josh's chagrin) while we are home purchasing all the American goodies that we've missed. Indulgent, yes... but absolutely necessary in my eyes. And of course, I have a long list of thigns that must be acquired! Afterall, it's likely a year before we will return again!

Other things I've learned for this year. Did you know you can get a prepaid SIM for your iphone?? I didn't know this til a friend of mine travelled abroad (did I just call going to the US abroad??) and did it. I think that while Josh won't be thrilled at our shopping, he will be much happier when I do the prepaid sim and avoid the 900 euro cell phone bill I endured last year. See Josh, I can be money saavy ;)
So since we are heading out this morning and I still have to finish packing, give the kids baths, feed them a good breakfast and make some snacks for the plane, I'll keep this short. We are super excited for the next few weeks getting to spend precious time with all of our loved ones. My hope is that like in previous years, the kids will be on their best behavior because this is their absolute element - the smiles that I've seen the last 2 summers outweigh the smiles I see all year long. This is their time to shine and I can't wait! I'm not so much looking forward to the flight today, but thankfully the kids are really good fliers and I feel like not only do they get better year after year since they are getting older but so do I. Last year we had issues with delayed flights and running crazy thru airports. I'm hoping to avoid that this year, but just in case, I'm packing lighter carryon, a puke bag for Liam for when his belly gets all jostled from running thru Heathrow and making the kids carry their own backpacks (I'm not a pack mule this year!!!). But I'm also hoping that I will be much more mellow and low key when travelling with them this year. Hey, one can hope right???

Anyways, we can't wait to see everyone!!!! It's finally here!!


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