Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mission: Julie's Birthday Celebrations

I'm way behind in my entries, but then that's what happens when you are on dial up for more than a week I guess.  Now that we are up and running with internet I'm hoping to catch up!

So last week was my birthday.  In an ideal world I would have let it come and go and not think twice about it.  I think I'm at a stage where I just would like to forget I'm getting older. After all, once you turn 29 several times, is there really a need to celebrate it any more?  I don't feel my age but it doesn't mean that I want to be reminded of it either!

But I'm an incredibly lucky girl to have an amazing husband and the most wonderful friends who still made my day, in fact my week, so special that I cannot thank all of them enough!!  And it didn't just last a day but several which made me feel even more warm and fuzzy inside.

Josh started off the week with a mysterious instant message that mentioned envelopes with missions.  Missions???  Hmmm... Now let me back track.  Josh is the ultimate present giver.  He loves to find creative ways to surprise me and in the end, he always does and I love him all the more for it.  He also makes me feel like a slacker because I'm not that innovative when it comes to gift giving so I feel boring by comparison and yet, he never complains.  And yet he continues to do it and I love him for it.  The last time I had missions though was for my 30th.  Given this wasn't a big birthday this year, I was surprised that he was going a bit over the top especially since we were moving the same week. 

All I knew about my missions was that I had to be home by 3:45 from IKEA on Saturday (the 2nd) in order to open my first envelope. 

So what were my missions you ask?  It was a fun filled day all about... me :)  My first mission was a simple one:  pack for overnight including a bathing suit and clothes for a night out on the town.  I had just an hour and a half to complete this (seriously, an hour and a half???  has he not seen how fast I can pack??) and start mission 2.  Mission two was to check in to our hotel down by the port.  Since our sitter wasn't coming til 9:30 PM, this was again up to me to take care of.  An easy task or so I thought - of course the cab got lost and "only" charged me 20 euros (I must have had sucker written on my forehead).  But in the end, I made it.  And the hotel was stunning.  While the location was a bit off the beaten path, it made up for it with the style and elegance of the room (which of course I neglected to take a picture of). 

After checking in, I opened up mission 3 which was a 75 minute massage at Bliss... ahhhh massage.  It doesn't get much better than that!!  Josh spoils me rotten for sure (I'm a lucky girl!).  After my massage I headed back to the hotel to get ready for mission 4 which was dinner at 9 Reinas, an Argentinian restaurant specializing in their steak - yum!!!  Good steak is hard to come by here so any excuse to get a decent one is absolutely taken full advantage of!  With great conversation and a nice long, leisurely stroll back to the hotel, Josh absolutely made my birthday a special one!

But celebrations didn't end with the weekend...oh no!  I had lunch out with friends twice - once on Wednesday and again on Thursday.  I haven't seen much of my friends lately with my crazy schedule of travel and moving and their equally crazy schedules so it was an absolute treat to have lunch with them.  The last of the festivities was dinner with some friends at their place - not only did they make me dinner, but they also had a cake complete with candles and of course, singing (good thing the lights were out because I'm pretty sure I was blushing something fierce on that one!).  It was a fantastic way to end my 29th birthday week!!

Nasi and Ed "obviously" got the numbers wrong....that should be a 2 and 9 ;)


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