Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Road Tripping to Maine...

My best friend Michelle and I love an adventure.  We always have even since we were little kids.  And living in Europe has provided us with the background to some great ones.  With random trips to France to a week plus long road road trip to Italy, we love to seek out trips beyond our backyard.  So when Michelle suggested let's head up to Maine for the day on my "freebie" day without the kids, I didn't hesitate for even a moment.  I'm in!!!

My parents have always loved Ogunquit, Maine and yet I've never been.  I actually have rarely even made the trek (short as it is) up to Maine and I have to wonder why because it is spectacularly beautiful and serene. 

But before we went up to Maine I had to go for my annual physical.  It wasn't til 10:15 and I'd not only been up since 4 but had already been to the gym AND was fasting.  So when the doctor was 45 mins late I was beyond livid and in my typical passive aggressive way told her this would NEVER happen in Spain where they ALWAYS take you on time.  And that I'm very late now for an important meeting in Boston.  Of course, she came to my rescue when I passed out during my blood draw at 11:30 (after all, I'd been up for more than 7 hours with nothing in my stomach) so for that I'm thankful... and embarrassed.

And so because I was running late we didn't get to Maine til around 1:45.  We hit a pizza place that had been highly recommended (and was a bit disappointing) to us and then drove over to Perkins Cove.  Perkins Cove was full of tiny little shops and a great walking path that snaked around the cove.  With skies threatening to drench us at any moment, the views were stunning and the conversation full of laughter.  The best part of the day was getting to chat with Michelle the entire day - we never run out of conversation and it just feels so good to be with her. 

Bridge over the harbor

A few of the many shops in Perkins Harbor

The guy that took this picture was not all that camera saavy as you can tell but it's all that we've got!

Loved this house!!

Mermaid weathervane

Stacked rocks everywhere...

These guys were trying to surf only there really weren't any waves...

A picture is worth a 1000 words...

We walked for a few miles and then headed back to the car to make the journey back to MA (just a little over an hour away) where we went for drinks and dinner on Newbury.  And bonus, Larry David (of Seinfeld fame) was sitting at the table next to us with his entourage.  I made it back to my parents around 1AM with my mom still waiting up for me (some things never change)... Ahhh Boston... I love you...


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