Sunday, July 8, 2012

American Breakfast... No Bocadillos Allowed!!!

Traditional Spanish breakfast is... well... I don't think it truly exists.  There are bakeries on every corner and they sell various pastries - croissants and the such.  But there aren't any places (or any good ones I should say) that sell a traditional American breakfast like bagels, waffles, french toast, pancakes or scrambled eggs.  Most people from my understanding (because I'm not one of them) have a bocadillo (sandwich on a baguette) sometime mid morning. 

So I miss American breakfast out.  Yes, I make pancakes and waffles in our apartment.  But there is something to be said about going out to breakfast.  And I miss it.  I always loved going out to breakfast at home and so now when we are home, we take advantage of the opportunity.

Our tradition on the 4th has not only been to go to the Anastasia's house, but it's also has been to go to breakfast with them and the George's on the morning of the 5th.  Armed with more kids than adults, off we went to Hearth n Kettle, our favorite breakfast place.  The kids now know it's tradition to take a picture on the bench when we get in... we were sad to realize that they have gotten so big that we had to truly squeeze Liam onto the edge, half on Lindsey's lap, in order to fit.  Next year we'll have to have half of them sitting on the floor!!!!

Aidan, Nate, Ashley, Aaron, Lindsey, Liam... all getting too big for the bench!

Just the boys

Getting ready to enjoy some M n M pancakes... yum!!!

Pancakes and bacon are coming!!!!!

The most well behaved my children have been in a restaurant in a long time..

And annual fireplace shot...

Normally this is our tearful goodbye breakfast as in previous years we've left the next day.  But this year because school ended later, we actually have a few more days left before heading back to Barcelona.  So no tears today!!!!


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