Monday, July 9, 2012

Escape to the Cape

Josh had taken the kids to visit his parents during his 2 1/2 day overlap with us.  But given the boys only get to see their grandparents and aunt and uncle 2 weeks out of the year, I felt it was important that we make a second trip down to visit them. 

Since they all really wanted to spend time with Aidan and Liam, I made plans with Michelle to once again set off on a little mini adventure.  So while the kids and I headed down on the 5th, Michelle met up with me on the 6th ready to hit Provincetown at the tip of the Cape. 

On Thursday we had a mellow day with my in-laws.  The kids played ball in the backyard and that evening Becky came over to bbq with us.  There is nothing like burgers and potato salad on a beautiful summer night that makes me feel so happily American.

Aidan looked so cute today I just had to take a picture
Chillin' on a lounge
Silly time with Papa and snuggle time with Granny

He could be a model... just sayin'

With no grass nearby us or soft flooring in Barcelona, the boys take an opportunity for some much needed wrestling! 

Ok, they could really both be models :)

While visiting with Granny and Papa the boys also did a whale watch (and were joined by Aunt Ellen) where they saw at least 20 whales, some dolphins and even a huge jellyfish!  I don't have any pictures since I wasn't with them but I heard that everyone had a blast and the kids were constantly running from one side of the boat to the other to check out the whales!

Since Josh's parents had the boys, as I mentioned, Michelle and I decided to embark on one of our adventures.  This time to P-Town.  For those that don't know P-town, it's a small beach community at the very tip of Cape Cod and is well known as a gay vacation destination.  Given both Michelle and I have lots of gay friends, none of this is an issue to us (and why should it be??) - but again, if you've never been to P-town, you don't know what it's like - because the people watching is half the fun. 

Our original intent was to go to lunch along the water and then take a nice long walk along the beach, perhaps having dinner in town or driving back to Mashpee for dinner.  We walked and walked - we had eaten at Pepe's before and wanted to try something different.  Seeing signs for the East End (I think it was East...either that or we were in the East end heading west...regardless, it was an area neither of us was familiar with), we headed in that direction figuring it might be less touristy.  While it was less touristy, it was also had a lot less commercial areas, including restaurants.  Finally when we were about to give up we came across a little restaurant along the water.  We had lunch at a great Italian/American place that made the best fried chicken I've had in ages.  I really must stop the bleeding when it comes to how crappy I've eaten this trip (and it's showing) - thank god we go back to Barcelona soon and can go back to our "normal" eating habits. 

I love hydrangeas
Walking along Commercial Street
More Commercial Street

Our intent after lunch was to walk along the beach, but we ended up at a bar (shocker)... where we had drinks right above the water.  It was beyond a gorgeous day and you couldn't help but just chill out and enjoy the sights around us.  Everyone in P-town is friendly and we struck up conversation with a couple next to us.  Nice older guys (guessing in their late 50s early 60s), they were in town on vacation for the week and live in NYC.  Eventually they left on their little boat and we continued on with our drinking...
View from the bar...
Me :)

My drink overlooking the water... really does it get much better?

As we were finishing our drinks we saw waving from the water.  It was the men from the bar.  We were still trying to decide if they were a couple or not.  Because why would two 60 year old straight men vacation in P-town??  They wouldn't.  But why would they flag us down to go out on their boat???  Not sure but they seemed innocent enough and while I did ask Michelle if perhaps she thought they could be axe murderers (ah back to my American paranoid persona), we decided to take a chance and go out on the boat.  We figured they were old and weak and we could take them down if necessary.  Rational?  Probably not... but hey, sometimes you have to just go with the flow.

Now boat is really a loose term.  Because I think Josh's 13' Whaler that he had as a teen was likely in better condition than this junker.  But we took a quick little jaunt around the harbor on what was a gorgeous day and figured that would be it.  And it was.  They invited us out to dinner if we were in town later and dropped us off at the dock.  Easy peasy.  And we were still trying to figure out if they were a couple or not.  Again, you have to know P-town or you wouldn't be wondering why we were trying to figure this out.  And honestly we couldn't have cared less either way but the curiousity was killing us!!

Cute sailboat in the harbor


Awww, someone dropped off my boat for sweet!!!

While you couldn't pay me to ride on one, I love to look at sailboats...

Sky looked really cool

So after we were dropped off, Michelle and I did some shopping and decided to just see where the day took us.  It took us shopping and drinking.  Both fun.  After some shopping we ended up at the Monkey Bar which was just awesome.  The men were not only stunningly gorgeous, but super friendly.  Eventually we decided to see if those guys would show up for dinner...and they did!  It was a fun dinner and full of laughs.  We still weren't sure if they were a couple by the end of dinner but no matter, we had a great time regardless.  We parted ways, thanked them for dinner and headed back to Mashpee.  I love impromtu days and nights like that and meeting friendly, interesting people. 

However, on the ride back to Mashpee, I was suddenly struck with a not so great feeling.  As Michelle continued to talk my ear off (as she tends to do after a few drinks... but hey, aren't most of us a little more chatty then?), all I could focus on was my need to get back to Mashpee and to try to do it without vomiting.  Liam rubbing off perhaps?  Nope, I think it was the oysters.  I finally had to pull over with about 15 minutes left in our drive for fear that I was going to puke as I drove.  I walked around a bit and managed to get us back (where I then proceeded to be great friends with the toilet - TMI I'm sure).  However, chatty cathy seemed to think we should still chat in bed and while I laid there in the fetal position praying I wouldn't throw up any more, she chatted my ear off.  And I know she'll read this entry and laugh and she knows that I'm laughing about it too.  All in a day of adventure of Julie and Michelle!


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