Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun Days with Granny & Papa

While home it was really important that the kids (and I) spend time with our families.  Before scheduling any time with our friends I made sure to coordinate calendars with our parents to ensure that I didn't overbook us to the point where the kids didn't get to see their grandparents. 

I got the kids the day after they got back to the good ole USA.  Their first day back Julie took them to see some friends at Southwick zoo and then they were cape bound for 2 and half days with just Granny, Papa, Aunt Beck, Uncle Ray and Daddy

Before I got the kids I surprised my Dad for father's day.   My parents were scheduled to meet Becky and Ray at their house for a day on the house float.  When my parents knocked on the door I answered to the surprise of my Dad who had no idea I was there.
When I brought the kids to the cape the following day it was raining so we hung out and also went to the movies to see Madagascar 3.  They may or may not of watch their fill of Simpsons and Family Guy.  Granny kept asking if Family Guy was appropriate, probably not but the crude humor was way above their head and they just love that show.  Some day they will say Dad you really let us watch that.  At this point family guys stars wars goes through may head...if you have seen it you know what I mean.

We also celebrated Becky's birthday - only 25 :)  She was soo happy to have the kids there for this special celebration.  We also got to open Becky and Ray's Christmas presents for the kids.  They got "lost" in the mail system for 4 months.  Once the box arrived back in the states around April Becky got a call to pick it up.  The post office had the nerve to charge her over $35 to get the box back after it was lost for 4 months.  I guess someone had to pay for the box to travel through Europe, hang out in Spain for awhile and then come back to the states.

The following day we played soccer outside for a bit and then went on a pirate cruise.   Liam got scared from the beginning when the captain talked about  a sea monster, never left his mind.  Papa had to sit with him the entire time.  Aidan thought he was too big for the pirate cruise but had a good time in the end.  Of course, before we went on the cruise Aidan insisted upon Clam Chowda for breakfast no less.  After the pirate cruise Papa took the kids to an Arcade for some video games and time with the kids. 

The following morning I had to leave early to take the kids to the dentist.  We spent the morning chilling with some  Simpsons and Family Guy.  After getting up at 5:30 AM Liam fell asleep at about 8:30 AM until it was time to leave.  Aidan was couldn't believe he fell asleep during Family Guy.

It was a great two and a half day down the cape with my family but it's never enough...

Heading out to the house float on farther's day

the house float

Great cape cod lunch
Beck actually made the lobsta salad
it was great

playing soccer with Papa

Chilling with Granny

Aidan helping Ganny with Becky's BDay cake

Laim wanting to help as well

The cake

Happy Birthday Becky...

You can blow
(insert family guy joke)

Becky opening Liam's card
The kids got Becky talking Simpsons cards
They made her open them over and over again

Christmass from Becky and Ray
Better late than never
thank you postal service

what is this?????

Liam can't open it quick enough

Becky's birthday ends on a high note
of home made Irish Cream.
Roisin makes it best!

Liam after getting pirated up! Aidan was like no way dude

Heading out to battle pirates and find treasure

Liam with Papa trying to aviod the sea monster

The pirate we need to defeat

Cannons fire

Aidan shooting the cannon

Treasure being brought on board

Liam's treasure haul

The kids coming into port after defeating the pirate
and finding treasure

I am promised the recipe in the will. 
I think I will open a distillery.
It is that good
the end



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