Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lunch with Katie & Jay

We got back to Barcelona yesterday and I'm happy to say it was a puke free trip.  But it's a long trip and I just didn't have the energy to update any blog entries and I'm still behind from our visit!!  Before we left we had a chance to have lunch with my brother, Jay and my sister-in-law, Katie.  We had lunch at Town Spa which is a childhood (ok and adult) favorite of mine.  Oh and the kids like it too ;)

My dad met up with us at the Spa and we had a great lunch with Jay and Katie.  Unfortunately we weren't able to make our schedules match up very well during our visit and this was the only time the kids got with Jay and Katie.  We were all most definitely disappointed it couldn't be more but we hope they'll come visit us in Barcelona now that we have more space here!! 

Uncle Jay, Liam and Auntie Katie

Aidan adores his Aunt and Uncle... he was so sad to leave them so soon!!


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