Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road Tripping to Connecticut

I love a good road trip.  Even more so when the destination is to visit friends we haven't seen in a long time.  So last week, the kids and I were happy to hit the road to visit our friends the Yeatons who moved from our neighborhood in Attleboro down to Southern Connecticut a few years ago.  Aidan has always gotten along great with Chase and Katie and it was so great to have an opportunity to reconnect in person with my friend Kath. 

While CT isn't all that far from my parents' house in MA, the Yeatons, of course, live in the southern part of the state so it was a good 2 1/2 hour drive.  2 1/2 hours of constant chatter from Liam.  I suppose it's better than the alternative of a puking Liam though... so I should be thankful.  I did get him to stop talking when my GPS ran out of juice and I had to rely on my iphone to direct me for the last 30 minutes by telling him we'd end up dead on the side of the road if we didn't figure out how to get there soon.  Just kidding... I didn't really tell him that.  But I did tell him I needed quiet time to figure out where we were going. 

We got there around noon and the kids immediately hit the playroom.  It's so nice getting together with friends now that the boys are older and not as needy.  And not just not as needy but they are at an age where they don't need constant supervision either.  They can play downstairs and I can be upstairs.  It's a beautiful thing.  And yet, Josh wants another one... I don't think so. 

Since it was a beautiful day we finally got the kids to play outside and run around in the sprinkler for a little bit.  It was actually our only time that we really got pictures of them as well!!

Liam's new BFF, Baily (who used to be Sailor's BFF back in the 'hood days)... don't tell Jake!

Following her like a puppy dog...

Hmmm... it looks cold, should we go near it???

Running around the sprinkler

If we stand together, perhaps it won't spray us as much....

Relaxing in the sun

Because it was such a long drive, we stayed the night in Connecticut and got to enjoy a trip to Chase and Katie's gymnastics classes - since it was just Chase in his, Aidan got to join in and had a blast.  It was all boy type stuff - pummel horse, bars, jumping... he loved it!  And Katie is quite the gymnist!!  With pizza for dinner, the kids finally hit their beds around 9 and the adults got some quiet time to catch up for a bit.

But the next morning we had to say goodbye early since it was now the 4th and we knew if we left too late we'd hit a ton of holiday traffic.  Luckily no one seemed to be on the roads so it was smooth sailing back to Easton... puke free which was a bonus!!


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