Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spectacular Super Mario!!

When we were considering moving to a new apartment, we talked it over with the boys.  Aidan was absolutely dead set against a move.  He even went as far as putting "move" and "stay" in a hat (of course he loaded the hat with "stays" therefore narrowing our chances of a move to slim to none.  We tried all sorts of ways to try to convince him that this move was a good thing - he'd have his own bedroom, he'd have a huge patio (bigger than we had before), he'd be at least 5 minutes closer to school (when you walk 1.5 miles from school on days you don't take the bus, 5 minutes makes a difference!), he'd have a huge playroom...and so on.

But it took my friend Cristy to make the game winning move.  Aidan has been long obsessed with Super Mario.  He's been playing any and all versions of the game since he got his first DS at age 4.  Cristy knew this and used it to our advantage.  She sent me this picture: 

And an idea was born!  How cool would a Super Mario room be for Aidan?  I showed Aidan the picture and he was suddenly totally on board with the move!  I found the stickers for the "New Super Mario" on Amazon (he decided he didn't want the old ones like in the picture).  We arranged to have his room painted a blue to be like the sky and looked forward to the final version.

However, I'm not super creative with stuff like this so I needed Cristy's amazing creativity to make this project happen.  She left for the States the week we moved and got back while we were there so our first opportunity to put everything together only happened this week.  But it was so worth the wait!  What do you think????

Of course, I also took video of Aidan when he saw the room for the first time.  He was beyond stunned at how amazing it looked and was pretty much speechless.  Oh I should also mention we (I mean Cristy) did Liam's room too, Lego Ninjago style.  But the stickers are a lot smaller and while the room is cute, it's just not as cool as this one.  He was super happy with his room too though but unfortunately I am having problems with the video upload... maybe later!

All in all, it's perfect, exactly what Aidan wanted and a great start to our next 3 years in this apartment!


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