Friday, August 31, 2012

Chasing the Sun(sets)

One of my favorite songs these days is by The Wanted, "Chasing the Sun" (  So when I was thinking of a title for this entry, that was the first thing that came to my mind.  Because essentially this week, that’s what we’ve been doing.  A few nights we met up with Ignasi at a designated spot in Ciutadella to then make the run to a location where the views to watch the sunset are the best – chasing the sun before it sets!!  And other nights it was us trying to get back to the house in time to watch the sun touching the horizon (and not always making it in time).

Our first night here we actually didn’t see the sun set as we were at dinner with the kids no where near a good location.  But knowing that one of the perks of our villa was that it had the perfect viewing location for a sunset, I wasn’t all that concerned as we still had six more nights. 

What I didn’t expect was for Nasi to take us out the next two nights to watch the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.  The first night we went to Cova d’en Xoroi.  It took us about 40 minutes, down sometimes very narrow, windy roads, to get to the south east corner of Menorca and when we did there was a huge line (which thankfully moved very fast).  Being after dinner time for the kids (we tried to feed them unsuccessfully before leaving the house), they were in semi meltdown mode before we even saw the line. 

Aidan having a meltdown before we even got into the Cova d'en Xoroi

But it was worth it.  While open all day long, at night it turns into a club and I can imagine just how cool it is to be hanging out just above the water on the edge of a cliff while dancing the night away with your friends. 

The Cova is actually a series of caves which was really cool.  Perched up on a cliff there were a number of viewing areas where you could see the Mediterranean below and the sun setting ahead.  There was a number of bars, both indoors and outdoors.  Definitely a very cool place to hang out… an even better place if we hadn’t had the kids with us (who were definitely in meltdown mode now).  Next time we come to Menorca it will be with a sitter so we can experience more of these nighttime activities! 

I think this was one of the most stunning sunsets I've ever seen and the location only added to the allure.  For sure this is a place that I don't believe would exist in the US due to liability issues which made it that much more special to be able to experience!!

Kids checking out the vistas

Liam showing off his free drink ticket...

View of one of the outdoor areas from above

Walking through the caves

One of the openings of the cave on to the Mediterranean

Walking through more of the cave

Liam has the best view in the house - above everyone else!

You can just barely make it out, but there is a boat going in front of the sun

So you can get an idea of how high up we were and how close to the edge... how cool is this place??

Outdoor area after the sun set

The next night we headed north to the Faro de Punta Nati, a lighthouse on the north west corner above Ciutadella.  Built in 1912 after several ships had been wrecked off the north coast of Menorca, it's located in an area that is completely barren of human life.  As with the beaches, we would never have known where to go if it hadn’t been for Nasi.  We followed him and his brother down yet another very narrow windy road towards the lighthouse (these roads are reminding me more and more of the ones in Ireland, but at least we get to drive on the right side of the road this time!).  Liam managed to get 98% of the way there and then puked (on himself and the car) right as we were trying to park. 

Foto del Faro de Punta Nati ubicado en Menorca | Foto del Far de Punta Nati situat a Menorca | Photography of the Punta Nati lighthouse located in Menorca
An ariel view of the lighthouse that I found on  The road coming in is on the left and if you look to the far right on the rocks you can see a small building - that is where we watched the sunset from.  

For those that know me well, know that I LOVE lighthouses and anything to do with them.  Yes, Cova d'en Xoroi was amazing, but to me, this is the ultimate.  A "hidden" road to get to the lighthouse.  No crowds (yes there were people but they were pretty spread out), gorgeous cliffs and of course, wonderful company to share the experience with.

We walked down towards the lighthouse but then you have to jump over a (broken) wall to get to the vistas as the lighthouse is closed to the public.  The kids loved the idea of rock climbing to get out to our destination.  Both were disappointed to find that there was no food or beverages in sight (we tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen!).  We got out to the point and there were people sitting atop what looked like might have been a guard house area long ago.  The boys, of course, wanted to explore.

The road leading to the lighthouse
He's just been told there are no drinks or food here...and by the way, he did not draw in the journal he insisted on carrying (that I ended up carrying) a single time

Views in the distance

Josh and pukey child taking up the rear

You can't get in to the actual lighthouse area

Sunset reflecting off the cliffs behind us

I was hoping they would actually stay right here but no, that wasn't happening

Josh was sitting on the very edge of the precipice which made me nervous in and of itself but then the kids kept trying to walk over there which made me even more anxious given it was at least a 100 foot drop to (their death) the bottom.  In the end, it was a magnificent, albeit slightly nerve wracking , sunset, the likes of which I’ve never seen.  There were no crowds, we had plenty of room with  no one blocking us and the fact that we had to trek to the middle of no where to see these vistas made it even more worth it!!

Josh watching the sun set

Faro de Punta Nati

The kids loved exploring this little guardhouse

The drop on our side was about the same... yes, this is why I wanted the kids to sit still!


A bit close to the edge for my comfort

Goofy kids... 

Surrounded by handsome men... I'm so lucky!

Josh and the sunset again :)

Lluis and Ignasi

They are laughing because they are saying boobie in Spanish... ahhh boys....

Much needed family picture (it's been a long time!)... thanks Nasi :)

The drop in front of us

Aidan looking thoughtful

Liam exploring

Almost down

After watching the sunset we went over to climb on top of what used to be sheep houses – we’ve seen these dotted all over the island and had been curious about them so this was a chance to see one up close and personal.

Heading to the sheep house

Sheep house

Lluis, Ignasi and Liam on the sheep house

All smiles...

Liam announced "I'm king of the world!"

So Aidan had to do the same

Fake fighting

Our final sunsets have been from outside our villa – it actually took us being here 5 days before we actually saw one here as we missed it a few times since we were out of the house but we made it a point to be here at least once during the trip so we could sit out on the rocks near the villa (ok, I sat on the rocks and Josh joined me at the last minute while the kids played up at the house) and just watch the sun go down.  Magnificent and super easy since it was right in our backyard!

View from our backyard right before the sun starts to set

Porous rocks along the back of our villa that stretch to the edge of the Med

View of the back of our villa (we only have the part with the two windows on the right and on the bottom)

Starting to see the orange glow of the sun setting

Sailboat crossed at the perfect moment

LOVE how the clouds make the sun look like it's on fire (well, I guess technically it IS on fire anyways)


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