Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our 11th Anniversary

This post is about 2 weeks delayed but with the return to school and work, it's been a bit crazy around here trying to catch up.  We returned from Menorca on the 1st which also, coincidentally happened to be mine and Josh's anniversary.  Eleven years of wedded bliss!!  I had already arranged for a babysitter for that evening so that we could go to dinner, but Josh, as always, had something up his sleeve.

As always, the master of surprise, Josh had arranged for our sitter to stay over so that we could enjoy a kid free night in the city where we would stay in a hotel for a night.  Just 3 metro stops away is like an entirely new world when you have kids.  You look at the city from a completely new light.  At first I was ambivalent.  After a week of sleeping in a strange bed, I had been looking forward to getting back home and sleeping in my own bed.

But not to worry, that feeling shortly passed as within moments of stating this to Josh, the kids started to demand something, anything and I turned to him and said "what time is the sitter coming??".  Fast forward to 4PM and we were off and running to our hotel to check in before our 5PM massages.  No, Josh is not new to this game - he knows what makes me tick and a massage was exactly what we both needed.

After relaxing in the spa for a bit, it was time to get ready for dinner.  But first we enjoyed a complimentary bottle of cava from the hotel and then a drink at their rooftop bar with views overlooking the city.  But wait, we're not done drinking yet (after all, we have no kids!), no, we headed down to Hotel Casa Fuster which is one of our favorite bars - it's where Woody Allen comes to play when he's in town.

Dinner was at Da Greco, one of our favorite Italian restaurants.  However, I was a bit put off when they put us in a room of all Americans (yes, I know we are American) where not a single person was under the age of 65 and most were talking with ridiculously loud voices.  It was like saying, this is where we put all the really loud tourists and we're lumping you in with them.  Regardless, the food, as always, was delicious.

But my favorite part of the night away from the kids was not actually the night but the next morning.  Josh is on a new kick, running.  And given it's one of my favorite ways to let off steam, this is something I've waited a long time for him to get back into (as in, hasn't done in over 15 years).  He started again over our vacation on Menorca but since we can't exactly leave the kids alone we hadn't yet been able to run together.  So being away for the night meant getting up early (yes on our night away we did not sleep in) and hitting the pavement.  Not a word was said during the run, but to me, it was a moment that brought us closer and gave us something new to bond (and compete) over.  After 18 years together (11 of them married), it brought me back to the beginning of our relationship and reminded me of why we fell in love in the first place :)


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