Monday, November 26, 2012

My New Car!!!

After weeks of back and forth and several contract signings, on Thursday I picked up my car.  Isn't she pretty?

Me and my Golf :)

I have 2 people to thank for this car - the first, of course, is Josh... thank you for finally agreeing to my "demands" that we get a car in Barcelona even though you think we don't need it.  I agree, we don't need it, but I wanted it and you have been very supportive through this whole process of car searches, paying for driving school and of course, paying for the car (and signing the contract 50 times).

And I need to also thank my friend, Ed, who not only went car hunting with me, but has been my interpreter and negotiator for the last several weeks, fielding at least one call a day from VW, calling me and then returning said call.  I really appreciate your patience through all this, not one complaint!  I never thought we'd see the car after all the back and forth, but it happened and I'm so excited to hit the ground running with it!!

On another note, not only did I drive "illegally" from the moment I set foot into this car since I had not taken the drivers test yet (which I then failed), but not 8 hours after getting her, I got bumped by a guy that apparently didn't think it was a good idea that I stop for pedestrians.  And now I'm missing about 2" of white paint along the bottom of my rear bumper.  Well, I guess she's broken in now, right?

My baby is already damaged goods :(


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