Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ice Skating in Placa Catalunya

This weekend is a long weekend though since Josh had to work (in exchange for days off closer to Christmas) and we'd already had a jam packed November, we decided to lay relatively low this weekend.  However, after one day home with the kids, I knew we needed to get out!!

Being from New England, ice skating is a typical winter past time.  However, given that Liam was just over 2 when we moved, we had never taken either of the boys ice skating until we moved to sunny Barcelona.  Last year, a skating rink went up in Placa Catalunya around the holidays and of course, I seized the opportunity to take the kids.

Aidan was somewhat surprisingly good.  Not that I expected much less, I just didn't expect him to be so awesome on his first time.  He rollerblades and it's not a huge transition from that to the ice.  But somehow I thought it would take a few times before he would get it.  Not for my athlete.  Liam, on the other hand, was only 4 and it was much harder for him.  He really didn't leave the boards the entire time.

This year was entirely different.  Only their second time on skates (we only went the one time last year), they stunned me.  Not only was Aidan taking more risks, going faster, trying to spin backwards, Liam was off and skating.  Ok, not skating skating...but skating away from the boards and moving forward, albeit slowly...but confidently.  I was absolutely amazed at the change in him from one year to the next.

And they both loved it!!  Aidan actually wants me to buy him some skates now, though I told him that unless he plans to start playing hockey sometime soon it's not worth once or twice per year to buy him a set of skates that aren't cheap!  Given my brother and Josh both played hockey, you never know what the future may hold!

Entering the rink - Liam immediately let go of the boards and was off and skating!

Aidan took a bit of a digger...but he pressed on!

Aidan giving his little brother a hand

Look at him go - future hockey player on the ice!!

A natural

My friend Ignasi joined us for skating, lunch and shopping!

Having so much fun!!

Trying to do a little jump

An awesome day on the rink!!

I've no doubt with how much fun the kids had on Friday that this won't be the last time we go skating before they close down the rink the first week in January.  


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