Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For...

You know that last entry that started with "The Mundane"... well, be careful what you wish for because life right now is anything but mundane here.  I remember a long time ago I wrote about the crazy rollercoaster of life abroad and well, it feels like that again.  I know that not all of these things are specifically Barcelona related, but hey, it's where I live right now so let's pretend it is :)

Some of the craziness is more significant than others but in the end, it's just about changes in life and learning to deal with changes no matter where and when they happen.  I've never been a big fan of change so for me, I'm probably making mountains of molehills.  In addition to this "stuff", we've just had miscellaneous things happening over the last 2 weeks - no doubt having jinxed myself from thinking things were mundane.  From simple, silly things like a bad haircut on my end (seriously though, it put me over the edge), to our tenants in our house on the Cape deciding that after 3 1/2 years it was time to move on, to the lock on our apartment door breaking and necessitating a very expensive replacement.  Yes, it all just piles up.  None of it is life threatening, believe me, I know - these are all first world issues ... it just reinforces the emotional basket case that I've been.

But like anything else, it's all about how you handle it.  Last week I handled things by taking refuge in my office and focusing on work, leaving only to go to the gym and to pick up the kids from the bus stop or school.  Great news is that sales are up for January and hopefully for February as well.  So at least there is a silver lining to stress... I work more, therefore, I sell more.  And right now, that is my focus.  And of course, I've had the ears of my friends and family and I'm extremely thankful - they help me get through each day and each challenge.  But I've been isolating and that's probably not good in the long run...

On a positive note, with all that has been going on, Aidan has decided that after 3 years he really likes it here.  That is a HUGE HUGE move on his part and his attitude in the last few weeks is one that I haven't seen in... well probably close to 3 years.  He's a pleasure to be around and has been kind and sweet (ok, not to his brother but at least he is to me and Josh).  And so with all the stress in our lives, all I can do it think of the positive things like this which make me smile... and speaking of making me smile, I decided to do an entry on all the things that make me happy here since I decided the other day that I really needed a pick me up and a little reminder of why we made this move in the first place.  So keep an eye out for that one coming up.

In the meantime, I'm taking things a day at a time which is all any of us can do no matter where we live.  Life is never mundane for long... and in the end, I don't think I'd want it to be.  That would be boring...


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