Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BFIS Carnaval 2013

It's that time of year again... Carnaval.  It's hard to believe this is our third one that we are celebrating here in Barcelona.  Yesterday I went up to the school to watch the boys in their annual Carnaval parade.  This is not one of the most exciting events that the school puts on but fun nonetheless.  Unfortunately for me, I was using a new camera and either I didn't shoot the video correctly or I am just totally inept and can't locate them on my computer.  So with the exception of the one video (which I can't seem to upload to youtube) I took using my iphone, pictures will have to suffice for this one.

Starting off with an enthusiastic monologue by the King of Carnestoltes (Carnaval), the kids were even more taken in when the traditional batucada started to play.  This is still one of my favorite things about living in Barcelona - the traditions.  And every time I hear a batucada playing their drums and percussion instruments, I can't help but smile.  Watching the girls dancing on stilts still gives me butterflies for fear that one of them is going to go down, but so far, three years in, I have yet to see it (thankfully).

 This year Liam's class' theme was the world and they each represented countries in each of the seven continents.  Liam, who is normally very outgoing and loves to be the center of attention appeared to be a little uneasy in front of such a big crowd.

Liam walking to where his class sits

Liam sitting with his class... all smiles :)

Liam's class representing the seven continents

Aidan is getting to be too cool for school and while the theme of his class was Ancient Rome, he refused to wear the costume I sent him to school with.  Not only that, but I had him wear a light colored shirt knowing full well he wouldn't likely wear the costume.  Instead, he continued to wear his bright RED jacket amongst the white togas of his classmates...no, he didn't stand out at all.  But if that's what made him happy, that's what makes him happy.  Like his mother at that age, he doesn't always do well with being silly or leaving his comfort zone.

Yup, Aidan is the one in the red sweatshirt.  I had more of him but it's in the video that I can't seem to locate anywhere on this computer.

As with each year, the fourth grade class also put on a performance.  Last year was LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.  This year... Gangham Style.  I found it interesting that it was only the background music and no lyrics...perhaps a concern that parents might not have found the lyrics appropriate?  Who knows... maybe I'm just a cool mom who happens to listen to the same music as my kids.  And it's not like they totally understand the lyrics.  I mean, come on, my mom didn't stop me from listening to Madonna's Like a Virgin when I was a kid and seriously, are the lyrics to Gangham Style any worse?  Anyways, I digress, the kids put on a fun performance that breaks up the monotony of the parade.  Aidan is very excited to be entering fourth grade next year and is curious already as to what the song of the year will be for them!

That was it for Carnaval festivities for us this year.  There were parades and events throughout Barcelona over the weekend but I'll admit it, we were feeling a bit lazy and didn't venture out to any of them.  We're heading to London this weekend to kick off Semana Blanca (Feb vacation) and figured it was a good weekend to chill out before this coming week's more intense sightseeing begins!


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