Friday, February 1, 2013

My Rooftop Haven

One of the great things about the apartment we moved into back in June is the rooftop.  It took a little manipulating, a few pennies and a little elbow grease but it's come out quite nicely.  And I don't understand why I haven't used it more.

The weather here in Barcelona is pretty mild, even in the winter.  Now, I agree, perhaps December and January overall aren't the best months to spend up there but we actually celebrated Thanksgiving with friends up there at the end of November...yes, it was warm enough!

But I never venture up to the roof by myself and I'm asking myself now why is that?  Because like with the rest of my life I don't like to leave my comfort zone.  And I just don't hang out there by myself.  It's, well, it's lonely.

Lately however, I've had a lot more time alone than is the norm for me.  I've been isolating for a number of reasons (no doubt a blog entry in the making) and refocusing on other aspects of my life like work.  But in this time at home, it's also been pretty cold... and my office where I spend most of my work day, down right freezing.  Even with the heat on.  I find myself working in the living room a lot which is all fine and dandy, but something has been missing...

This week, we've had a little taste of spring here in Barcelona.  With temps in the mid 60s and a real feel of closer to 70, I have most definitely caught some spring fever.  But not enough to open the windows yet ;)  However, I thought it might be nice to sit up on the roof and do some work the other day.  And why, oh why, have I not been doing this more?

It's quiet, shielded from much of the noise of the city.  It's bright, albeit at moments a little too bright where I can't see my computer so well.  It's comfortable.  And it's mine.  All mine.  I imagine that I'm going to find myself working up here much more often this spring (if only I could get my internet to work up here it would be perfect).

Yes the sky really is that blue

Working from the rooftop

My office :)

And so, little by little, I leave my comfort zone of my living room and venture out.  No, I'm not venturing far, but a little vitamin D is good for the soul these days and that's exactly what I need.  Who needs to be stuck inside all day to be productive?  Not me!!


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