Sunday, February 3, 2013

Slip Sliding Away

Today Liam and I met up with some friends not too far from here at the Park Diagonal Mar.  And yet, while I've been to the mall at Diagonal Mar, I've never set foot in the park.  Apparently it is the second largest park in Barcelona and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful.  Why we haven't been there after three years in this city is beyond me.

And it turns out that there is a slide park within the larger park.  How cool!!  Liam was a bit hesitant at first and not so hot to slide down.  But then he saw his little friend Evan, 2 years his junior, going down like it was no big deal.  Evan's dad, Chris, had the bright idea to bring a blanket for the kids to slide down.  Everyone around us thought it was a great idea and before you knew it, kids and adults alike were going down on their jackets, shopping bags, scarves... anything they could find!!

Some of the slides

And more slides

Liam and his buddy Evan on the left... and with Evan's little sister, Mia on the right.

Head first!!!  And then all three kids going down on the blanket together.

After a few dozen slides we headed off to a grassy area for the kids to play a little futbol and for the dogs to run around.  Jake was thrilled to make a new friend today (thank you to my little Golf for making it possible to bring Jake with us!) and I expect he will now sleep until tomorrow!!

Jake making a new friend, Molly (a much younger woman!)

So excited to be playing on the grass (he is now asleep as I type this)

Trying to keep up with Molly

Unfortunately for Aidan, he's feeling a bit under the weather so only Liam and I got to take advantage of the fun today.  But it gives us all the more of an excuse to go back!  Thank you Stephanie and Chris for showing us this really cool place!!!


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