Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Mini Babson Reunion

I love it when schedules all come together and things just work.  While our time in Boston was busy to say the least, everything just fell into place and we got to see so many of our wonderful friends and family.  And during our last weekend that included yet another mini Babson reunion at our friends Kyle and Kelly's house.  Because this year we made it to their annual bbq!!

It's been a while since we last made it to their annual fest - Josh went last year because he happened to be home in August, but the kids and I haven't been home in August in a few years, often going home right after school gets out in June.  

So I was very excited to take the kids to see some of our college friends, many of whom the kids had either never met or hadn't seen in years.  It took them a little bit to warm up but eventually our friends Jamie and Jenn arrived with their son, Jack, whom Aidan hadn't seen in probably 4 years - a big change at their age (and Jack is 2 years older than Aidan to begin with!).  They totally hit it off and had a great time.  

The boys spent a good chunk of their time in the bouncy house that Kyle and Kelly rented for the occasion.  God love them!  Those big kids were all pretty rough.  I had to extricate Liam out several times after having been kicked in the head and throat several times.  He kept claiming I was punishing him but in actuality, I was trying to prevent an ER trip with him!  

I got to spend time catching up with old friends and for me, it had been years since I had seen some of them as well.  Sarge, Ted, Giddy, Spinney, Sachs, Melissa, Jamie, Jenn, Ken and of course, Kyle and Kelly - to name a few.  It was so great seeing all of them!  I wish we had had more time to talk longer!!

The Babo gang all together!

Thank you Kyle and Kelly for hosting yet another fantastic event!!  Can't wait to see you again next year (if not sooner!)


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