Monday, August 19, 2013

Boston for the Day!

A trip home would not be complete without going into Boston at least once.  Liam is slightly pissed off at me because he seemed to think we are actually from Boston proper.  I had to explain to him that you can't tell a kid (or adult) in Barcelona that you are from Attleboro because they would have no idea where you are talking about, but that if you say you are from Boston they will.  He seems to think I've been lying to him when we are, in fact, from the Boston area.  Oh well... the kids were excited to head into town regardless.

Our plan was to pick up Michelle on our way and head into the Aquarium and then Legal Sea Foods for lunch.  Since I had to go back into town for dinner that night, I needed to make sure we left by 3 so depending on how we were doing for time, we also planned on going over to Faneuil Hall since I needed to get a few gifts for friends back in Barcelona.

Being smarter and wiser this year, at least slightly more so, I booked our tickets for the aquarium on line since last year the lines were over an hour long.  And of course, we got there and there was no line.  Like I could expect any different.  The aquarium had just gone thru a year long renovation and I think I was just as excited to see the new animals and displays as the kids were.

For the most part, the aquarium seemed the same.  Yes, there were a few new things here and there and I know they redid the huge center tank.  But I can't say that beyond the center tank which actually seemed to have less animals, at least significantly less sharks, there wasn't all that much that was different.  Liam, especially was disappointed since he wanted to see the sharks.  He had been talking about the sharks the ENTIRE day so disappointed might not even cover it.

Standing outside the Aquarium

Me and my boys!

Touch tank

Touch tank with Auntie Michelle


This penguin looks a bit pissed off... just sayin'

Out by the seals and sea lions

Interesting looking jelly fish

Another touch tank

Fascinated by the diver

Regardless of the lack of sharks, the aquarium was fun and relatively quick to make our way thru. Then it was off to an American timed, 11:45AM lunch... wow, can't remember the last time I did that.  And yet, I was totally ready and starving!!  Aidan had been dying for some chowda.  Seriously, as much as I love chowder, I never liked it as a kid - he is constantly amazing me with his adventurous food choices.  Mussels for Liam and we were good to go.  A fantastic lunch outside in the city.

Since we ate lunch so early, we had plenty of time for Faneuil Hall.  I just love it here.  I know it's a mega tourist trap but I love the buildings, I love the setup of the open squares and trees and tons of shops and dining.  It's just such a Boston icon that I just feel like I'm really home when I come here.  Cheesy I know.

We did some shopping for my friends back in Barcelona, picking up some Boston gear.  We are Boston proud and need to pass that along back home :)  And of course, we hit Build A Bear.  This year Aidan made a smurf and Liam a puppy that he dressed like Darth Vader.  He even had the imperial march music inside him - Liam named him Lord Puppy Vader.  Ahhhh Liam.  I have video of him talking about the puppy but I can't seem to get it from my iphone to my computer as my internet connection isn't all that great here.

Boys in Faneuil Hall

Aidan and Auntie Michelle

Liam building a bear

Aidan registering his bear

Introducing Lord Puppy Vader

Love it here :)

Watching the street performer

Heading back home

Beyond Build A Bear, we saw a street performer and of course, the kids were fascinated.  Again, everything is more special when you only get to do it once a year and sometimes, for the first time (in their mind) it's just magical.  They loved watching the street performer but then were pretty much done with Faneuil Hall.  So while it was still early, we headed back to Easton to relax for a few hours before it was time for me to head back into town for dinner.  All in all, a fantastic day!!


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